Nissan Navara to return as an electric pickup by Ebro?
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Nissan Navara pickup to return as an electric pickup by Ebro?

After the demise of the Nissan Navara in Europe, the factory in Barcelona stood empty. Ebro, an extinct Spanish brand, has now risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes and will take over the facility to produce a pure-electric pickup truck based on the now-defunct Navara.

Initially founded in 1954, Ebro produced industrial and agricultural vehicles. After the nationalisation of Ford factories in Spain, Ebro focused on producing buses, trucks, vans, agricultural vehicles, and machinery until it finally halted production in 1987.

The closure of the Nissan plant in 2020 prompted the local government to devise a plan to provide support and incentives for a revival of the sector. With input and support from Jatón Racing, Api Brothers, BTech and Nexus Projects, Ebro reformed, and the new manufacturing project will directly employ 150 staff, as well as a further 1,200 contractors.

Ebro intends to develop and manufacture the electric pickup truck using the chassis and body shell of the Nissan Navara, combined with the electric components from the next-generation NV200 Electric van. The rights to use both of these elements, along with the equipment from the factory, were part of the deal brokered by Ebro.

The new Ebro pickup, which will share the same dimensions as the Nissan Navara, is expected to be available in both rear and four-wheel drive, with single or twin electric motors. The twin motor variant, powered by a 100kWh lithium-ion battery pack, will provide a maximum of 300hp, with initial estimates suggesting that a range of 275 miles will be achievable.

Ebro has said that the pickup will be capable of carrying a one-tonne payload, which is crucial for the UK market. However, it is yet to confirm whether a right-hand drive model will be available.

Production is expected to begin in 2024, with Ebro looking to build 50,000 units annually. The first customer deliveries are planned for the end of next year.

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