New VW Tiguan eHybrid Accelerates Towards Customers
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New VW Tiguan eHybrid Could Save You a Fortune

If you need a stylish SUV that excels at keeping costs down, you’ll want to cast your eye over the new Volkswagen Tiguan eHybrid.

Now available to order for the first time, the plug-in hybrid Tiguan is all part of VW’s ‘Way To Zero’ carbon emissions target.

And not only is it a vehicle that’s helping to save the planet, it’ll save you a ton of cash at the both the pumps and when dealing with the tax man.

What’s important for lease customers looking for a company car, or those in charge of fleets, is that the Tiguan eHybrid attracts a Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax rate of just 11%. That’s because it has a healthy electric-only range of 30 miles, has CO2 emissions as low as 38 g/km, and fuel economy is a smile-inducing 176.6 mpg.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all those sensible stats make for a joyless ride, either.

Powering the PHEV Tiguan is a 1.4 litre TSI petrol engine combined with a powerful electric motor to produce power of 245 PS.

Massive amounts of instant torque result in a top speed of 127 mph and a 0 to 62 mph acceleration time of just 7.5 seconds. That’s not too shabby at all.

When it comes to replenishing the battery, depending on the power source, charging takes place with 2.3 or 3.6 kW alternating current (AC). When supplied with 230 volts at 2.3 kW via the normal domestic grid, the battery can be fully charged in five hours from empty. This is reduced to three hours and 40 minutes using a 3.6 kW wall box or public charger.

The Tiguan eHybrid always starts journeys in all-electric E-MODE if the battery is sufficiently charged.

And that, says VW, means that for those who travel less than 30 miles in a day, ‘all-electric running will likely become an everyday occurrence’. E-MODE can also be used at speeds of up to 80 mph, which makes zero-emissions motorway blasts a real possibility.

There’s also clever tech at play when it comes to keeping some juice in reserve, too.

A VW spokesperson explains: “The eHybrid’s intelligent powertrain can be programmed to reserve electric power, to be used later in a journey. For example, if the destination is in an urban setting, the driver can request that the car retains a percentage of battery capacity to allow zero tailpipe emissions during the final part of the journey. The car can also charge the battery on the move with brake energy recuperation and via the petrol engine, if requested by the driver.”

There are three trim levels to choose from - ‘Life’, ‘Elegance’ and range-topping ‘R-Line’. And the good news is that base Life models come fully-loaded. Standard spec includes 3-zone automatic climate control, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Front Assist; front and rear parking sensors, a Discover Media Navigation infotainment system with an 8.0-inch touch-screen, and IQ.Light LED matrix headlights with multiple lighting modes for different driving environments.

R-Line models, meanwhile, bring sporty extras like a roof spoiler, wheel arch extensions, black alloy wheels, and ambient lighting in the interior.

Nick O’Neill, Head of Fleet at Volkswagen UK, adds: “The brilliant Tiguan is already regarded as a great all-rounder, and with the introduction of the Tiguan eHybrid this appeal is boosted even further. Our latest plug-in hybrid brings a fleet-friendly 11-13% BIK taxation rate - depending on specification - and low running costs to its long list of skills and attributes.

“It’s not just fleet managers and company car drivers who will love the Tiguan eHybrid though – the family-friendly Tiguan is up for almost any challenge life can throw at it, and now there’s the flexibility of local trips with zero-tailpipe-emissions to add to the list.”

 It’s priced from £35,515 OTR.

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