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Top 10 Christmas markets for electric vehicle drivers

Manchester has topped a new list of the best Christmas markets to visit if you’re an electric vehicle driver.

The top 10 has been put together by Peugeot, just in time for you to enjoy a giant hotdog and a mulled beverage in utmost comfort.

And the rankings are based on how accessible the markets are for drivers, as well as how many charging options there are for those behind the wheel of an electric vehicle (EV).

While Manchester claimed top spot, second place went to Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market and Leeds’ Winter Favourites came third.

The research compared how many public charging points were within a three-mile radius of the city’s centre, as well as the charging speeds available.

Accommodation options that offered free charging were also scored.

Meanwhile the top 10 also considered how many of the markets could be driven to using the 225-mile range of the Peugeot e-208 - a car we’ve reviewed here - from the 15 most populated cities in the UK.

A Peugeot spokesperson adds: 

“All top 10 Christmas Markets apart from Padstow’s Christmas Festival, located in Cornwall’s north coast, were accessible from at least nine of the UK’s most populated cities.
“Manchester’s Christmas Market was found to be the most accessible, with 14 cities in the UK within the 225-mile range of the market. Manchester also had the highest number of charging stations within a three-mile radius of the city centre, with 69 available, including 16 rapid chargers with speeds above 50kW.
“Leeds was home to the second highest number of charging stations, with 62 available, including 17 rapid chargers. Leeds could also be reached from 13 of the UK’s most populated cities using the 225-mile range of the Peugeot e-208.”

Interestingly, York took home the trophy for having the most amount of accommodation options with free charging for EV drivers within a three mile radius of the city centre - with 19 different places to stay.

Julie David, Managing Director Peugeot UK, said: 

“With more than a million electric drivers on UK roads today, things like distance and charging infrastructure will play an important role in determining where drivers head to this Christmas.”

Top 10 Christmas Markets in England for electric car drivers

1. Manchester Christmas Market (M1 1AF)

2. Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market (B2 4BA)

3. Leeds' Winter Favourites 2022 (LS2 3AD)

4. York St Nicholas Fair (YO1 7DT)

5. Lincoln Christmas Market (LN1 3AA)

6. Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market (SO23 9LS)

6. Bath Christmas market (BA1 1LN)

7. Norwich Christmas Market (NR2 1TF)

8. Chester Christmas Market (CH1 2HJ)

9. Rochester Christmas Market (ME4 4TR)

9. Stratford-upon-Avon Victorian Christmas Market Festival (CV37 6AB)

10. Padstow Christmas Festival (PL28 8AQ)

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