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Czech-out the new Praga Bohema hypercar…

What do you get when you take the engine out of a Nissan GT-R, treat it to a bit of tuning, and then plonk it in a state-of-the-art carbon fibre chassis and body?

Well, you get something like this - the new Bohema - a new £1.1m hypercar from Czech firm Praga.

It weighs just 982 kgs and has a top speed of 186 mph. And with at least 700 hp on tap, as well as 725 Nm of torque, you can expect it to shift from 0-62mph in well under 3.5 seconds.

First things first - what’s a Praga?

Well, as the firm itself explains, it could well be the ‘biggest and oldest car brand you might not have heard of’.

The firm’s history dates back to the late 1800s when Praga was manufacturing everything from bridges to steam trains.

Praga made its first car in 1907 before becoming synonymous with its rugged, go-anywhere trucks.

Fast forward to 2012 and Praga launched the ‘R4S’ and ‘R1’ race cars which have beein doing the business on circuits in Australia, Dubai, the UK and USA.

And Praga was even able to rope-in former F1 and current IndyCar driver Romain Grosjean to help develop the Bohema and who put it through its paces on the ‘Slovakia Ring’ race circuit.

Grosjean said:

“I was astonished by the Bohema’s amazing performance on track, its accessibility on road, and the ease of transition between the two.
“On the road, you get a smooth ride, the car eliminates the bumps, you can chat with the passenger, and everything is calm and OK. Then simply switch focus and you are on the track. The same clothes, the same car, but the feeling changes and you are pushing the limit and collecting amazing lap times again and again, discovering unbelievable possibilities in the Bohema.”

The engine the Bohema uses - which sits directly behind the cockpit - is the same 3.8-litre, twin-turbo V6 used in all Nissan GT-R models since 2007.

The current GT-R has power of 565 hp. But Praga has handed the engine to UK-based Litchfield Engineering, who’ve managed to eke-out 700 hp from the unit.

A Praga spokesperson adds:

“The engine breathes out through exhausts that are titanium right from the turbos to the tailpipes, with much of the silencing provided by the catalytic convertors, giving a sharp crackle to the engine note while remaining within typical circuit noise limits – and ensuring that occupants can still hold a conversation even at well over legal road speed limits.”

The Bohema’s engine is mated to a ‘Hewland’ sequential gearbox through a robotic clutch allowing for semi-automatic drive mode.

Inside the cabin, the removable steering wheel is described as a ‘work of art’. It incorporates a large digital display, showing speed, gear selected, oil and coolant temperatures, driving mode and warning lights.

To either side is a switchgear for indicators, horn and further functions, plus rotary thumbwheel selectors.

And the rim is ‘beautifully trimmed in Alcantara and the central pad is covered in leather with an embossed Praga logo’.

A Praga spokesperson adds:

“The grip and paddles’ size and positioning have been designed perfectly to offer steering and shift control comfortably for small and large-handed drivers alike.”

A maximum of just 10 cars will be produced in 2023, making it super exclusive.

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