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Electric Smart #1 ‘Brabus’ is Tesla Model 3 quick

The new Smart #1 electric vehicle is gearing-up for launch later this year - and if you’re a performance enthusiast, you need to know about the range-topping BRABUS model.

Smart - jointly-owned by Mercedes-Benz and China’s Geely - is completely revamping its line-up of EVs. And the first in the new breed of battery-powered family cars in the Smart #1.

It’s set to launch properly by the end of the year.

We already knew that the regular #1 would have extremely decent power of 272 PS, thanks to a 66 kWh battery, and a range of up to 273 miles between charges.

We also already knew that the latest Smart would be, well, exceptionally smart, coming with AI based voice control, an avatar to keep you company, and fast 150 kW DC rapid-charging capabilities.

But now Smart has teased a range-topping BRABUS incarnation - with BRABUS being the German high-performance tuning company that has long been associated with Mercedes-Benz.

The people in white coats at BRABUS have got their mitts on an Smart #1 and managed to take the power up to a whopping 428 PS, and torque from 343 Nm to 543 Nm.

The all-wheel-drive BRABUS #1 can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds - which is actually quicker than the Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

You’ll still hit up to 248 miles of range before you need to stop and recharge.

A spokesperson for Smart says: 

“Paired with the specifically calibrated BRABUS driving mode, this results in an even more thrilling driving experience, unleashing the full potential of the car.”

Kai Sieber, Head of Design at Smart, adds: 

“The Smart #1 BRABUS will seamlessly tie into the long-standing successful partnership between the two brands. The design will be clearly distinguished from other #1 lines by a body kit with performance-inspired, expressive spoilers at the front and rear and specific side sills. Dedicated rims, the typical BRABUS red accents on the exterior and the specific interior line round off the car.”

It means the BRABUS #1 will wipe the floor with the Volkswagen ID.3 and Cupra Born when it comes to performance.

There are two other trim levels behind BRABUS with the #1 - base ‘Pro+’ and mid-range ‘Premium’.

The Pro+ models get a range of up to 260 miles while the Premium trim brings a range of 273 miles.

A high spec ‘Launch Edition’ will be up for grabs from January - but will be ‘strictly limited to a volume of 100 cars’.

Meanwhile the great news is that even base Pro+ line versions will benefit from an extensive range of driving assistance systems, a 360-degree surround camera, LED lights and a powered tailgate.

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