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‘Boot space envy’ revealed by new survey

If you’ve driven back from IKEA with a flat-pack wardrobe hanging out of your car’s rear end, you’re not alone.

Because a new survey by Skoda has revealed how one in three Brit motorists (33%) reckon their car’s boot is ‘too small for their needs’.

If you’re someone in charge of ferrying-around an active family, you’ll be able to sympathise with the pain. A nimble little hot hatch, like a three-door MINI Cooper S, might be a hoot to drive, but it’s going to struggle when you need to get scooters and BMXs in the back of it.

Skoda’s survey was released to mark the ‘back to university’ season for lots of students, who might be travelling to halls of residences and flats with cars loaded with kit.

The Skoda poll found 64% of UK motorists have had to ‘leave items behind following a shopping spree due to limited boot space’. Almost one third (29%) of drivers admitted to travelling with their purchase partly hanging out of their car

More than a quarter (28%) revealed they’d damaged the item they’d just bought while trying to load it into their car. While more than a quarter (26%) had driven with an ‘oversized purchase hanging out of their car window’ - which is clearly hazardous.

And, as Skoda points out, your luggage space anxieties can be rectified by simply leasing a car that allows you to put plenty of junk in the trunk.

The king of the Skoda boots is the one found in the Superb Estate (above). It weighs-in at a whopping 660 litres, which is a lot more than you get with either the Audi A6 Avant or the BMW 5 Series Touring.

The affordable Skoda Octavia Estate (below, in vRS form) stacks up well, too, coming with a 640-litre boot.

Meanwhile the thoroughly-likeable Skoda Fabia hatch has a 380-litre boot, which trumps the rear room you get in either the Volkswagen Polo or the SEAT Ibiza.

Another Skoda stat that many will relate to is the fact that 29% of drivers revealed that, on most occasions, their boot is ‘already full of items that they forget to leave at home’.

Here at Select Car Leasing, we’ve got the Skoda Octavia Estate on special offer right now, with prices beginning at £255 per month*.

*Prices include VAT. Credit is Subject to Status, Ts and Cs and Arrangement Fees apply. Excess mileage may apply. Stock levels and prices correct as of 20/09/23.

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