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The Audi Prologue is a name that’s probably familiar to many motoring enthusiast without many having actually seen one of the beasts. That’s because this is actually the third Prologue concept to be revealed and, in fact, the fourth at a major auto show this year. New York, Geneva and LA the others, but there aren't actually any on the road. It could be 2017 or 2018 before the Prologue is charging around a street near you.

The Prologue has come to mean so much more than the exciting design it offers, it’s about how Audi wish to go forward and the way in which their future vehicles will be designed.  It’s actually almost as if Audi have tried to incorporate all their future designs into this iteration of the Prologue with a sleek, curved design that is a lot more sporty and a bit less executive. This is complemented by a big bold grille, swept back headlamps and an overall design that is likely to turn a few heads.

Audi are leading with the Prologue’s mammoth horsepower stats, so we will too. You’ll get a whopping 724bhp from a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain which is itself an enhancement on the previous model seen at Geneva. 0-62mph is attainable in 3.5 seconds which could see a few eyebrows raised, though Audi haven’t yet revealed how much the vehicle would weigh so that could have some correspondence on what seems a generous figure

That said, Audi have a reputation for shocking in this department so we’re happy to take their word for it.


This is all controlled by an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. MPG is at 117.7 and CO2 sits around 56g/km, thanks to a 14.1 KwH battery which is touted to have an all-electric range of 36 miles.

That said, Audi have a reputation for shocking in this department so we’re happy to take their word for it.

Isn’t this a bit like an Allroad? I hear you cry. Well, yes the vehicle takes on much of the same shape and is in fact the exact same 77mm off the ground. Not to mention all the added stuff like skid plates, bumpers and roof rails. It differs from the Allroad in the sense that it’s 185mm longer which suggests that Audi are looking into larger avenues. Probably not A8 style though,  think more A7 and CLS.

There’s also a bunch of interior tech with infotainment systems and the Prologue is also said to be wireless charging which Audi hopes to have mastered in the next few years.

The Prologue certainly attracted a bit of interest in Shanghai which will be warm encouragement to Audi’s backroom team. We can’t wait to see what the manufacturer have in their locker as a result of this – it’s panned out an interesting roadmap for future Audi projects. We’d also love to know what the real Prologue would be like on the open-road. Unfortuneatly, it could be some time before we know.

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