New Mazda MX-5: Everything you need to know
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New Mazda MX-5: Everything you need to know

Ever since it’s surprise announcement in September, the new Mazda MX-5 has encapsulated motorists and press alike. The original MX-5 was a little dreamy and fast-become one of the best-selling convertibles of it's era - Mazda will hope the most recent model goes some way to replicating this success. The 2015 version is certainly one of the most hotly-anticipated vehicles of the last few years, let alone 2015 and as we edge closer to the vehicle’s treasured release-date Mazda have revealed the specs for their latest addition to the iconic Mazda family.

An MX-5 is likely to be commonplace on UK roads with the British market bubbling with excitement. The original MX-5 was a pretty sleek number, but Mazda have really pushed the boat out with what is clearly their champion model. It not only looks great, but following the reveal of the vehicle’s full stats it’s likely to feel good too.

Weighing in at a lightweight 1000kg, the MX-5 mk4 is actually a little shorter and lower than the model it succeeds. Aluminium body panels have also been implemented to keep the vehicle’s weight to the lowest possible number and agility at a premium.

You’ll get a choice of five colours and there will be five specs and two petrol engines all on day of launch. The standard petrol engine – a 1.5-litre petrol – provides 129bhp with 139g/km of CO2 and comes with Mazda’s trademark SKYACTIV technology.  The 2.0-litre SKYACTIV engine serves up a slightly more abrasive 159bhp.

Moving through the specs and if you choose to upgrade to SE it’s all about style and comfort. You’ll get a friendly addition of a leather steering wheel, electric heated mirrors as well as air conditioning. The car’s is buffed up by LED headlights, 16-inch alloy wheels and seven-inch colour touchscreen. And that’s not to mention daytime running lights, climate control and Bluetooth.

What more could possibly be offered? Seems like a logical question at this point. Mazda’s answer to that is the Sport, which will throw in better suspension, parking sensors, lane departure warning, Blistien dampers!?, adaptive auto lights and wipers and keyless entry. If you love your music, you’ll really appreciate the addition of a high-tech Bose sound system.

As always you can cherry-pick the best from the options list, though be warned this can rack up quite a sum if you get carried away. Cross traffic alert, tan leather upholstery and Blind-Spot monitoring are three of probably the most popular features.

The MX-5 will be like gold dust in the opening months with the vehicle in it’s 4th generation there is a cult following champing-at-the-bit to snap up those early models. We’ll have all the latest prices on the all-new MX-5 on our website as soon as we get them so keep checking back!

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