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Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight revealed - but only for famous people

Are you famous? If the answer to that question is yes, then here is the car for you. Luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce have always had a reputation for producing vehicles specifically targeted at those with the highest bank-balances and now they’ve reached the tip-of-the-iceberg with the reveal of a $650,000 car designed for those ‘’who spend their lives in the public eye and on the world stage’’.

Named the Phantom Limelight Collection there will be 25 available and all are built in Rolls’ famous Goodwood heartland.

The Limelight Collection is set to re-define the word exclusive with the manufacturer making no bones for the fact this isn’t for your average Tom, Richard or Harry. We’re talking about the multi-millionaire footballers, musicians and politicians. You know, FAMOUS people, the sort you sometimes see shiny and healthy on the front-cover of Heat.

The aforementioned celebrities are, to be fair, not typically known for riding round in their battered Citroen Saxo’s but Rolls is offering a premium-on-top-of-premium vehicle with all the features and exclusivity that those in the public domain require. If you thought that the original Phantom was high-class enough, then think again as after 110-years of Phantom-goodness, Rolls Royce have finally done the impossible - outdone themselves.

That 650k price-tag actually seems pretty reasonable when you step-inside - and if you’ve got that money to be throwing around then by all means have a look at this car because it’s one seriously amazing vehicle.

The vehicle comes equipped with compartments for jewellery, watches and clothes with lavish pockets with a furnished leather trim. For those who need to not only look, but smell good then this is the perfect car as you’ll also get room for bottles from the Bresle Valley range in France. That’s right Bottles plural. You get one  for each time of the day; morning, midday and evening which is perfect for those looking to deceive mischievous paparazzi with their scent.

Those lucky enough to have sat in any Rolls Royce will understand how they're often described as the most comfortable cars in the world, but the Limelight is a step-above that with intense dedication taken to interior comfort. Medical professionals and a team of relaxation experts have put their heads together with Rolls Royce to create a SUPER seat. At a 27-degree incline, foot-rests that appear from the floor, motorized calf rests and the Starlight headliner which will give sleepy passengers the impression they are gazing into a starry night sky.

Rolls-Royce vehicles are famous for being rendered completely customisable and that, of course, is the same with the Limelight. Though we can’t actually think of anything the Limelight doesn’t have, if you can you’ll be sure Rolls will try to do it. The ‘”basic” models are available in two colours; Light and Dark which is the sort of no-nonsense colour schemes that are quite likeable. The design of the Phantom may seem ludicrous to many of us, but there's a whole market out there that's ready to be thrilled and they've got the clout to do it as well. Rolls Royce could well be onto a winner here.

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