Our top picks - Kids Travel Car Accessories
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Our top picks - Kids Travel Car Accessories

Today we’ve come up with our picks of the top car travel accessories that you might want to look at while travelling with kids to make life easy and stress free.

Travelling with kids always not easy as we think. There are range of car accessories available for parents where some of them are not worth of money while some accessories are really good to make yours and kids travel journey safe and comfortable…

iPad Holder

ipad holder

If you are parent who travels a lot, then the iPad holder makes it easy to keep your little one busy and entertained.

What to check –

  • Easy to fit
  • Full access to all power ports and volume control

Travel pillows and head supports

Travel pillow

Travel pillow and head supports provide great support during the trip. Travel pillows are very comfortable things to rest head or wrap it around neck for extra support to your kids.

What to check –

  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Made with soft materials

Backseat organisers

Backseat organiser

It can be really difficult to find things around or under the kid’s car seats. Some of the car seat organisers are very well designed and keep things such as toys, books, water/milk bottles, wipes and other travel essentials in one place. Keep the essentials things neat and organised:

What to check –

  • Plenty of storage
  • Deep pocket for bulkier items
  • Durable and easy to clean

Child safety mirror

Child safety mirror

For the first 12 months, babies need to travel with a rear facing car seat, so these baby child safety mirrors gives you reflection in the car mirror to keep an eye on movement.

It is basically a second mirror that is mounted on the rear seats of your car facing forwards, angled at your baby. Before you buy any child safety mirror, we would advise you to check it has been Crash-tested to keep your child safe in the event of a collision.

What to check –

  • Extra-large to give you better view
  • Shatter proof and crash tested
  • Check previous buyers reviews for your clarification

Sunshades and blinds


There are range of sun shades and blinds options available that you can find it on Google or in-store. Sun shades are easy to attach and designed to protect your child from the heat and glare of the sun during travels.

What to check –

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Blocks 90% of UV rays
  • Easy to fit and remove functionality

Travel blanket

travel blankettravel blanket

The travel blanket is an essential thing to carry when travelling as you can’t guarantee weather. Even for shorter journeys, the travel blanket keeps your little one warm and cosy.

What to check –

  • Machine washable

We hope you enjoyed our top picks of kids travel car accessories article here. Have you seen our kid’s car article? It’s good to know the latest laws and understanding of car seat and child booster seat.

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