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GUIDE: Baby Car Seat and Child Booster Seat laws and understanding

A car seat is dependent on various factors including your child’s height, weight and safety laws for child’s safety in an event of collision.

Whether you are a new parent or need a guide getting a new car seat for your grown up child. We have all the information to help you here –

If you are travelling with baby, toddler or young child; using a car seat is an important and legal safety to take. Vehicles are designed to protect adults in an event of collision but not for Children due to their different height.

“Children must use the appropriate car seat up to age of 12 years or 135cm height.”


baby car seatFor new parents, hospitals won’t allow you to leave the premises without the car seat. Whether you are using a baby carrier or car seat, it should be rear facing direction at the weight up to 13kg using proper harness. The combination of Group 0 and 1 car seats are available using the rear and forward direction. So you won’t need to change the car seat till the age of 4 years There are various choices of combinations available in GroupWise car seats.

Car seat


Age range

Group 0

0 - 10kg

Birth to 6-9 months

Group 0

0 - 18kg

Birth to 12 - 15 months

Group 1

9 -18kg

9 months to 4 years

Group 2

15 - 25kg

4 to 6 years

Group 3

22 - 36kg

6- to 11 years

Fitting a child seat properly is also very important thing to make a habit. Nowadays, most cars are fitted with ISOFix as standard however it’s important to check as it depends on the car make and model.

For any emergency circumstances; a child can travel without a car seat if you are using taxis, minicabs and they do not have the appropriate car seat for your child. However,

  • For under 3 years – they can travel in the rear but may be unrestrained.
  • For 3 years over – a child must wear an adult seat belt using the rear passenger seat.


Once your child reaches at the age of four or 15kg weight (whatever comes first), your child should change the car seat to booster seat for comfort and safety.


Booster seatStores such as mother care, babiesrus, and mamas and papas can help you to find the appropriate car seat to suit your childs requirement.

  • Take your time, and do your own research finding the car seat based on reviews, manufacturer’s warranty and EuroNCAP safety ratings.
  • Do not buy second hand car seats as the Government would advise you to always choose brand new for your child safety.

We hope that our guide will help provide you with the knowledge and understanding of importance of car seat for your child’s safety. For any further information, please see ROSPA website here.

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