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The best new cars for families in 2018

Nothing may have a greater impact on your next car choice than catering for a family. It changes your outlook on life and certainly brings it with a whole host of extra considerations that must be evaluated when finding a car that will benefit everyone in the house.

Family Friendly Car

Car leasing is a hassle-free and flexible method of driving your new car and helps keep you at the forefront of all the things that take precedent when the family is on board; most notably car safety, reliability as well as some extra comfort. New car technology in these fields has unquestionably had a positive impact on the stresses and strains that family life can sometimes bring.


The new car technology that’s helping make family life hassle-free

The latest SUVs, estates and bigger saloons that have arrived on the market make for excellent car lease choices for modern families. Their technology and systems have been designed to make life easier – and this is particularly important with a young family in mind.

Many of the latest car makes and models provide features such as keyless entry, allowing for safe and convenient access to the car from a radius of 1.5 metres, rear cameras to see where you are reversing and instant driving once you’re behind the wheel – all helping you stay a bit more relaxed on those frantic mornings with the little ones, particularly if you happen to find yourself behind schedule on the school run.

Most are also well-stocked when it comes to safety features, with many receiving the full five stars from independent safety body EuroNCAP as well as many having ISOFIX child seating in the back.  These additions not only make life both simple and easy, but also give Mum and Dad that all-important peace of mind.

Other great additions include things like folding tables for rear passengers which will hold food, drinks, books and tablets – helpful for those long journeys.  Also, panoramic sunroofs really help make that long journey feel lighter and so much easier for everyone in the back, particularly if there’s 7 seats. 

Here’s our 2018 top 10 lease cars for Younger Families: 

• Nissan Qashqai

• VW Tiguan

• Peugeot 3008

• Kia Sportage

• Volvo XC60

• MercedesGLC

• BMW X3

• Audi Q5

• Skoda Karoq

• Renault Kadjar

Car leasing adapts to your family’s needs

As the family grows in number and size so will the needs from your car, with many more established families simply opting for the larger SUVs as their preferred option. With all leading makes and models available through leasing, whatever your family circumstances you can be safe in the knowledge that there’s always a car option for you.

Vehicles such as the Jaguar F-Pace boast key assets of impressive performance for the daily commute combined with great boot space and a range of practical features for those weekends spent lugging round sports equipment or taking the dogs for a walk.

Vehicles such as the Volvo XC60 are another great example of a car that will still give you and your family all the space you need, but won’t be impractical for those quick drop offs to football, school or the playdate. The great benefit of car leasing is that even if your mileage isn’t as demanding as it once was for your family you don’t have a depreciating asset sat on your driveway – you’re simply paying for the miles you use and can get a brand-new car at the end of your existing lease.


Key things to consider for families: 

  • What will the car be used for?... Will it be for the school run and mainly urban, town driving? Do you need it to double up as a car for getting to work without having to break the bank on fuel?
  • How much space do I need?... Family life usually demands extra space and practical features. Consider what key functionality your car will need to have, so as not be left always trying to squeeze everything and everyone in
  • What extra features are available... Does my car support child ISOFIX seating? Or any other additional features to help passengers, whatever their age. It’s important to ascertain whether your car will be able to adapt to varying requirements.


Here’s our 2018 top 10 lease cars for Older Families:

•  Jaguar F-Pace

• Land Rover Discovery

• Volvo S60

• VW Passat Estate

• Skoda Octavia

• Volvo XC90

• Volvo XC60

• Mercedes GLE

• BMW X5

• Audi Q7

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