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Choosing the Perfect Dog-Friendly Car in 2018

Travelling in style with a dog can feel like a real challenge. Making sure there is plenty of room for you, your dog and all your gear while driving a comfortable and stylish car can make your journey easier for both you and your pets.

To save you the hassle of searching for the perfect vehicle, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand what makes a car dog-friendly and to show you the best cars for you and your dog in 2018. 

Dog friendly cars


Keeping your best friend happy

It’s no secret that space and safety are key when it comes to finding a car that’s best for pet owners, but manufacturers have taken a more pronounced look at some additional features that can help make getting around with pets that little bit easier.

The Nissan X-Trail is a brilliant example of this; not only does it have plenty of interior space and storage to make ferrying dogs around for walks extremely comfortable, but they’ve designed the first ever dog-centric car kit.

This ‘Paw Pack’ includes a ramp for small dogs to get in the boot without straining their little legs. There’s also a storage rack and dog guard to make sure your pooch is safe and can’t roam around. The Nissan X-Trail is also more affordable when leased, meaning you have more money for squeaky toys and frisbees. 

Fancy something different? Why not consider a large saloon or estate?

If you’re not an SUV fan and you want to save on running costs, then consider a large saloon or estate car instead. They still have plenty of room for your dog to fit comfortably in the back but offer a great solution for going between work and trips to the countryside with your dog. The C- Class Estate and Skoda Superb are two examples that have been widely recognised as two of the best performers in this regard. 

Key factors to consider when choosing a dog-friendly car

  • Safety – Make sure your four-legged friend can’t move around too much by using a carrier, caged boot or attaching them to a seat belt if they are sitting on the back seat.

  • Space – If you are going for a cage then you’ll need one with plenty of space for your dog and the same goes for your boot. Make sure, if you have a puppy, that there will be enough room for them to turn around when they are fully grown.

  • Access – Make sure your dog can easily get in and out of the car. Jumping down from a high boot can put strain on elbow and hip joints, so consider a ramp to help them in and out. If you want to avoid years of lifting your dog in and out, you’ll need to consider the height of the boot and if necessary, consider a pet ladder.

  • Cleaning – Keep your car smelling fresh and free of dog hair by choosing specially designed fabrics and make the most of plastic covers for the boot and back seat.


The 10 Best Cars for Dog Owners 2018 

Nissan X-Trail – With excellent CO2 emissions and mpg statistics, this is a great choice for dog owners.

Available to lease from £225.64 incl. VAT

Nissan X-Trail


Mercedes C Class Estate – Offers plenty of space, a great choice of engines and affordable rates when leasing

Available to lease from £290.07 incl. VAT.

Mercedes C Class estate 


Skoda Superb Estate – Has an elegant design and fantastic functionality to make this the perfect car for work and play, plus plenty of space for your beloved puppy

Available to lease from £194.29 incl. VAT .

Skoda Superb Estate 


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – This model combines the best elements of a large diesel SUV. It’s efficient, practical and stylish, so both you and your dog will be happy

Available to lease from £275.97 incl. VAT.



Volkswagen Tiguan – With numerous special features and a sleek design, this is a great option for taking your dog for long walks

Available to lease from  £205.19 incl. VAT.



Dacia Logan – With a large boot and interior space, this is a versatile family car that will be super comfortable for your dog too

Available to lease from £116.96 incl. VAT. 



Land Rover Discovery – Offering great design and technology, this is a great premium choice for those long drives and walks in the countryside as well as looking smart in the city.

Available to lease from  £494.99 incl. VAT


Ford Edge – Adaptive steering makes this an effortless drive and an impressive sound system makes every drive entertaining. We’re sure your dog will appreciate the fabulous quality too.

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