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Mazda2 on European Horizon

Mazda is gearing up for its inaugural next-generation supermini, a vehicle that on the face of it appears incredibly similar to that seen earlier in the year at the Geneva Motor Show. One of the vehicle’s selling points will be the fact it is expected to boast CO2 emissions starting at 89g/km. 

Mazda has a reputation for quality interiors that many manufacturers could only dream of, and this looks set to continue with the interior concepts seen on the Mazda 3 being carried through, alongside the incredibly popular Active Driving Display. 

Skyactiv technology partnered with a Soul of Motion design known as KODO – a system likened to the Mazda Hazumi concept. In terms of the engine, under the bonnet a Skyactiv-D 1.5 litre will feature - offering a low compression clean diesel that will produce 77kW/105ps and pushed to its highest; torque of 220Nm. These stats are especially impressive when you consider that the vehicle will be using a minimal 3.4/100km of fuel. SkyActiv chassis will also feature in the supermini, alongside one of the latest in-car safety systems with Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM). The system will keep track of blind spots that are behind, and at the side of the vehicle, and will work even when the vehicle is in reverse.

While we're on safety features, it's worth noting there is a passive safety protection, which will work in tandem with a Skyactiv Body that contains a greater ratio of lightweight high and ultra-high strength steels. Giving it the significant upper hand over its more rugged predecessor.

The front wheels will receive power via a five- and six-speed manual transmission, with six-speed automatic also available. All of the above will offer more compact, lightweight versions of the gearboxes that are seen on previous Mazda’s. 

The Mazda2 will not be featuring at any of the motor shows, and will bide it’s time at various local, and regional events. It’s an interesting strategy, and we’re certainly intrigued to see how it plays out over the new few months. The car will be seen in Brussels, Vienna and Zurich among others, before it’s official launch sometime next year.



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