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When 'horses' meet 'horsepower' - Select visits Michael Owen's Manor House Stables

This is what happens when horses meet horsepower.

Last week Select Car Leasing was invited to spend the day with former England footballer Michael Owen at his internationally-renowned Manor House Stables, a thoroughbred horse racing establishment located in the heart of Cheshire.

And what better vehicle to take to the home of expensively-honed stallions than the original ‘Pony’ - the iconic Ford Mustang?

Not just any Mustang either, a 5.0 litre V8 ‘Mach 1’, the pride of the Mustang family stable and a muscle car that comes with a full suite of upgrades over the regular Mustang GT.

The Mach 1 has more power than the GT - 460 PS compared with the GT’s 450 PS - as well as 529 Nm of torque. The Mach 1 can gallop from 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds.

The top speed for an animal like the ones we viewed in Michael’s sophisticated facility? Racehorses regularly canter at speeds of around 35mph and when they gallop can reach 45mph. 

With the Mustang GT, Ford’s automatically self-adjusting MagneRide adaptive suspension system is an optional extra. But on the Mach 1, it’s standard, while you’ll also enjoy a more track-honed chassis, stiffer sway bars and front suspension.

Add-in unique exterior styling, an uprated interior, and performance 6-piston Brembo brakes, and you’ve got yourself a Mustang that’s Tote-ally enthralling.

Michael Owen first opened-up Manor House Stables in 2007. It’s gone from accommodating around 30 horses back then to 131 at the latest count. It also now sprawls across 170 acres of stunning rural countryside, with ambitious plans to expand as it seeks to become 'one of the most powerful yards in the country'.

Manor House Stables - guided by Classic-winning trainer Hugo Palmer - is home to horses from individuals and syndicates from across the world, including high-profile Premier League footballers, helping the animals to unlock their 'full potential'.

And on any given race day, the Stables has racehorses competing in some of the most prestigious events across the world. 

Animal welfare is paramount.

Unlike many other stables in the UK, there’s a team of five veterinarians who are stationed on site and who are there to ensure the horses’ wellbeing, 24/7. 

Manor House Stables also enjoys a state-of-the-art, multi-million pound horse ‘spa’, complete with indoor equine swimming pool and heated horse walker. 

And what did Michael - one of only four English players ever to have won football’s coveted ‘Ballon d'Or’ trophy - make of the Mustang?

Well, for now, he’s sticking with his Range Rover, which he leases through Select Car Leasing’s Specialist vehicle division, and his Bentley Continental GT.

Like the racehorses he nurtures, the Continental GT is also no slouch - with the standard GT boasting power of 550 PS and a 0-62mph time of just 4.0 seconds flat. 

Select Car Leasing visited Michael while the nation first began to mourn the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

It’s with a great degree of pride that Michael recalled how the Queen once revealed that he was Her Majesty's ‘favourite footballer’, as she relayed to former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson.

Select Car Leasing Director James O'Malley thanked Michael for his hospitality, adding: 

"What a fantastic morning we had. Michael was an incredible host who really took the time to show us the Stables and all of its impressive facilities. 

"We wish Manor House Stables nothing but success in the future. And with Michael and Hugo driving the venture forward with exciting plans for expansion, we know the horses - and all of the staff who work there - are in safe hands."

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