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Jeep reveal car that tows itself

Jeep have rubber-stamped their credentials for most outrageous concept vehicle trialling at the Geneva Motor Show with the announcement of the Jeep Hard Steel - a vehicle that has the ability to tow itself. Yes you read that right.

Admittedly, this remains a vehicle still firmly in the ‘’ideas’’ camp but it’s quite a revelation from the suits at America’s biggest off-road manufacturer. It’s one of the many versions of Jeep’s popular Renegade vehicle that have been dreamt up by various creative minds. The vehicle has what Jeep is calling a “multi-media trailer modelled on its own rear end” with a huge touch-screen equipped inside the trailer. The trailer will, for now, just be demonstrating the infotainment system that will adorn many of Jeeps’ stand-out performers in Switzerland, and not unfortunately be going into production.

However, it wouldn’t be completely outlandish to suggest this is a very real possibility – Jeep released the Extreme Trail Edition Camper in 2010 (with trailer). If you’ve ever wished that your car could tow itself, then worry not, the Jeep Renegade Hard Steel is here to fulfil all your ridiculous needs. With alloy-wheels, roof-bars and a smart bumper pristinely coated in matte-black it’s fair to say the vehicle boasts an air of mysterious intrigue and the raised suspension allows the vehicle to look more like a traditional Jeep.

The Hard Steel has an interior with Frau-Century, leather-clad upholstery that demonstrates a soft touch and has a smooth texture. Tecchies will also love the fact the Hard Steel is it’s own Wi-Fi hotspot allowing internet radio, social media and real-time traffic updates. The Renegade also fancies itself as a bit of virtuoso with it’s own playlist available to those craning their necks to take a look in Geneva this week.

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Tuesday, 10/05/2022