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Honda Reveal 2015 Civic Type-R

The original Honda Civic was the vehicle that perhaps restarted the hot-hatchback revolution, and it’s quite conceivable that the 2015 Honda Civic Type R could follow in the footsteps of its highly-successful ancestors.

Revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Honda Civic Type R is a real firebrand. Offering a slick, sporty appearance and a tantalising 306bhp, the Type R will serve-up handsome looks and a good engine for a price that won’t require you to wince through your fingers at your bank statement.

Clocking up 167mph, the Civic Type-R goes like a ballistic-missile and looks good doing it to. You won’t be waiting around for the Type-R to get going either -  taking less than six seconds, 5.7 to be exact, to reach 60mph. Honda have also been quick to let everyone know about the suspension systems that will adorn their most recent model, describing them as “innovative new suspension systems” specifically referring to the Dual Axis Strut which is designed to shave off torque steer by a whopping 50% when you compare it to the common or garden Civic model. Honda have also gone with electric steering rather than the traditional hydraulic. The point of all this is to preserve as much power as is possible.

Providing 400Nm of torque and 7,000rpm the turbo-charged petrol engine has apparently logged an impressive lap time of under eight minutes at the most famous circuit in the world – the Nurburgring.

 It’s also worth taking note of the Civic Type-R’s rather dramatic appearance. Honda can give themselves a well-earned pat on the back on this front because it looks truly tremendous. Stand-out features include a daring rear-wing implemented in order to aid agility and reduce drag when going through the gears. The trademark front bumper that won the Civic so many friends lives-on here, and it’s wide vents and low side-skirts will help improve airflow to the engine and reduce turbulence. 19-inch alloys look the real deal, and cap off what is a five-star effort from one of Asia’s biggest manufacturers. A snapshot of the car from behind also offers a glimpse at the rear diffuser, all part of Honda’s aerodynamic project to pull the car down to the road.


A glance at the interior reveals a design that wouldn’t be out of place in some of the finest works from messrs Lamborghini and Ferrari. Suede is all the rage at the moment ,and it gets another outing here with a smart leather steering wheel and black trim.

The Type-R has weaved it’s way through heavyweight Geneva competition, but it’s biggest challenge will be when it lands next summer. Can it fight off the same competition that it disposed of so readily here? Only time will tell, but we’re very excited to see how it pans out.

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