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F1 test for Ineos Grenadier

Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton has given the nod of approval to the Ineos Grenadier SUV, having well and truly tested one both on and off road.

Ineos Automotive is a British firm founded by chemicals company boss Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

And the Grenadier is Ineos’ answer to Sir Jim’s favourite ever car - the old, now discontinued, Land Rover Defender.

It’s designed as a rugged, no-nonsense, proper 4x4 that’s built for the graft and will no doubt prove popular among the agriculture crowd.

It’s also underpinned by robust engines sourced directly from BMW, in the form of a straight-six 3.0 litre petrol unit with power of 285 hp and 450 Nm of torque, or a straight-six 3.0 diesel engine boasting 249 hp and 550 Nm of torque.

Now Mercedes’ F1 driver Hamilton, 37, has thoroughly ragged one around the Millbrook Proving Ground vehicle testing centre in Bedfordshire - and given an enthusiastic thumbs up.

This Ineos publicity video also hints that Hamilton might be about to put his own order in for one, too.

Hamilton said: 

“I’m genuinely enjoying driving this car. It’s very comfortable considering some of the huge dips we were driving down… I was pretty much flat-out around the course. I’m massively surprised at how much grip there is.”

The video sees Sir Jim clinging on for video in the passenger seat as Hamilton spins into a handbrake turn, narrowly avoiding a post.

And Sir Jim said: 

“The Grenadier was designed to be good off-road, but we didn’t know it was going to be as good as it is on the road.
“I can definitely say I don’t think anyone has ever driven it like Lewis drove it.”

There are currently two body types to choose from with the ‘uncompromising’ Grenadier - a two seat ‘Utility Wagon’ and five-seat ‘Station Wagon’.

The ‘Off-Road’ and ‘Wading’ drive modes come as standard, as does ‘Pathfinder’ off-road navigation.

While the Grenadier is built for the hard yards, there are also plenty of creature comforts, including a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, Nappa leather steering wheel and Recaro seats.

All in all, the Grenadier rivals fellow workhorses like the Subaru Forester e-BOXER and the Toyota Land Cruiser - as well as the all-new Land Rover Defender.

It’s priced from £49,000 to buy outright.

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