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Ford E-Transit electric van revealed: Price, specs and release date

In a nutshell:

  • New all-electric E-Transit revealed by Ford.
  • Features 67kWh battery, 265bhp and a range of up to 217 miles.
  • More than 25 different variants will be made available, to suit all sorts of business needs.
  • Due to arrive Spring 2022, with full pricing to be confirmed.

Welcome to a brave new world - because Ford has lifted the curtain on a new all-electric version of its humble Ford Transit van.

Without question, the Transit is the best-selling workhorse in Britain. Earlier this year Ford revealed how the Transit didn’t just out-sell every other van in the UK in 2019, it also beat all but three normal cars - The Ford Fiesta and the VW Golf.

And since first going on sale back in 1965, more than eight million Transits have been sold worldwide.

It is, then, a landmark vehicle. And the new E-Transit is a landmark move from Ford.

Like all other Transits, the new fully-electrified version can be had in a myriad guises - 25 of them to be precise - with van, double-cab-in-van and chassis cab body styles, multiple length and roof-height options, and a range of gross vehicle mass options up to 4.25 tonnes.

That should mean that whatever your business or fleet needs, the E-Transit should have you covered.

And underpinning all of those variations is some all-new, next-level tech.

A 67kWh battery gives the E-Transit a generous 265bhp and an estimated driving range of up to 217 miles from a charge.

While that’s not quite up there with the best electric cars, you have to remember how big and heavy the E-Transit is compared to a hatchback, while Ford says a range of 217 miles is more than ample when you consider the average European fleet driver covers around 70 miles daily.

There’s a range of selectable drive modes to make sure you get the most out of the battery, including an energy-saving ‘Eco’, which limits top speed, regulates acceleration and optimises climate control.

If you don’t like getting into a cold van on those frosty winter mornings, the ‘Scheduled Pre-Conditioning’ system will make sure the cabin is at your preferred temperature while the vehicle is still on charge, which again saves battery life as you’re not whacking the heating to high the minute you set off down the road.

There’s both AC charging and DC fast-charging - the latter of those two topping-up the battery from 15 per cent to 80 per cent in around 34 minutes.

And the other genius new invention from Ford is a ‘Pro Power Onboard’ unit, which basically turns the E-Transit into a mobile power source, up to 2.3kW, so you can either plug-in or recharge tools on site.

Ford says that is an ‘industry first for light commercial vehicles in Europe’.

Crucially, the E-Transit doesn’t compromise on load space, owing to the fact that the battery is located underneath the body.

The standard E-Transit can carry up to 1,616kg, while some of the larger models will be able to lug 1,967kg of gear.

Meanwhile the biggest E-Transit will offer 15.1 cubic metres of cargo space, which is just as large as the E’s diesel equivalent.

On top of that there’s also an eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranty, while the ‘FordPass Connect’ system, which helps owners find charging points and also utilises over-the-air software updates, comes as standard.

The only bad news is that the E-Transit won’t hit UK roads until Spring 2022.

Jim Farley, Ford’s president and CEO, said: “Ford is ready to lead the charge that started with its award-winning Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid and EcoBlue Hybrid. It’s good for the planet and a huge advantage for customers with lower operating costs and new connected technologies that will help their businesses.”

While Hans Schep, general manager commercial vehicles, Ford of Europe, adds: “Electrification brings new ways for customers to manage their businesses and fleets more efficiently. With E-Transit this is delivered with more than 55 years of Transit expertise, a network of expert dealers and converters, and an ecosystem of digital tools that will help translate the potential of electrification into a business reality – all that, and the benefits of zero-emission transportation.“

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