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Electric Rolls-Royce Spectre manifests

If you’ve got deep enough pockets, here’s the Spectre - a stunning new two-door coupe from Rolls-Royce that’s also the firm’s first fully-electric vehicle.

The Spectre demonstrates ‘how perfectly Rolls-Royce is suited to electrification’, according to the BMW-owned British manufacturer.

And with opulence dripping from every stitch and weld, and with considerable power of 585 PS, the Spectre is certainly making a dramatic entrance into the EV market.

Rolls-Royce says that the Spectre sits between the Cullinan and the Phantom in its line-up of cars, which means a price tag beginning at around £300,000.

And Rolls-Royce is clearly very proud of its latest creation.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, says: 

“This is the start of a bold new chapter for our marque, our extraordinary clients and the luxury industry. For this reason, I believe Spectre is the most perfect product that Rolls-Royce has ever produced.”

Power of 585 PS is married to 900 Nm of torque and results in a 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds.

The battery - the size of which hasn’t been stated but which many believe is a similar 102 kWh lithium-ion unit found in the £108,000 BMW i7 - provides a range of up to 320 miles between charges.

But, of course, the Spectre is about so much more than how far it can travel.

The newly-designed ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ figurine that sits on the bonnet took a combined 830 hours alone to remodel in order to optimise aerodynamics.

The Spectre sports the widest grille ever bestowed on a Rolls-Royce and it’s also ‘softly illuminated’ with 22 LEDs.

The ‘vertical bow line’ of the Spectre is inspired by yacht design, while the fastback rear end ‘recalls the most evocative motor cars and watercraft in history. ‘

There are ‘jewel-like’ vertical tail lamps and huge 23-inch wheels for the exterior.

And in the cabin, illuminated ‘Starlight Doors’, which feature no less than 4,796 ‘stars’, and an illuminated fascia with a further 5,500 stars, well and truly catch the eye.

The Spectre also gets its own ‘digital architecture, called ‘SPIRIT’, which allows drivers to interact with the car and get live information from it, such as how much charge is left in the battery.

There’s a ‘near-infinite’ number of Bespoke possibilities when it comes to tinkering in the cabin, in order to give it the true personal touch.

Meanwhile the patented Rolls-Royce ‘magic carpet ride’ is present and correct, thanks to a sophisticated ‘Planar’ suspension system that automatically responds and adapts according to driver inputs and road conditions, such as stiffening the dampers when it recognises that a corner is imminent.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös adds: 

“Spectre possesses all the qualities that have secured the Rolls-Royce legend. This incredible motor car, conceived from the very beginning as our first fully-electric model, is silent, powerful and demonstrates how perfectly Rolls-Royce is suited to electrification. Spectre’s all-electric powertrain will assure the marque’s sustained success and relevance while dramatically increasing the definition of each characteristic that makes a Rolls-Royce a Rolls-Royce.”

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