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BMW M6: How Good Is This Car?

You could happily argue there is no item more prestigous, no brand more revered and no limits to the desire of many to own a BMW vehicle. For years, these vehicles have acted as the pinnacle of motoring acclaim and they remain some of the finest executive vehicles on the market. The BMW M Series has, since it's introduction, enjoyed being on a higher podium than that of it's ''regular'' counterparts. With a slightly more streamlined, and finite design that is perhaps more striking than it's cousins, and an engine range that is ferocious at the best of times. 

Of course, being so good comes at a price. And quite a hefty one it is too, the M series engine and power somewhat justify it's lofty price tag but investing in one of these will burn quite a hole in your pocket. The car will repay you, though - and then some. Largely based on the successful 6 Series, and let's face it there are worse things you can be modelled on, the M6 is one of the manufacturer's most finely-tuned, high-performance vehicles and it's main competitors are the AMG GT, Porsche 911 and R8.

Packing a heavyweight, 552bhp, 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 which will rocket from 0-62mph in a jaw-dropping 4.2 seconds. The vehicle is capable, if not sardonic, in your traditional urban environment but especially pacy on motorways and if you really fancy giving it a go: a circuit. The vehicle has a bulkier outer appearance, and perhaps won't get the same second-glances that a vehicle with more obvious exterior beauty like a Porsche or Aston Martin but accelerating even a little in this vehicle reveals it's rip-roaring potential to the world. The M6 has largely distinctive looks, which sets it apart from not only anything else on the market and, indeed many of it's equally-distinguished cousins. 

The interior isn't loud by any stretch of the imagination, and offers premium levels of comfort. You'll never feel constricted either as there is a great amount of interior spacing available. All of the interior features have a host of modifications available, meaning your M6 experience is entirely customisable. For that reason, handling and drive quality are a largely personal experience but you will find them both responsive, forgiving and exhilirating once it kicks into gear - and it doesn't take much. Sat-nav, dual-zone climate control and a heads-up display are all included as standard. The cabin is smoothly designed with a classic, handsome feel and superior construction and a seven-speed gearbox, and 460-litres of bootspace. this might make it one of the most powerful vehicles that's also got plenty of room for your weekly shop.

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Arguably propelled into the limelight due to it's trailblazing across the Australian Outback as depicted on the popular motoring show TopGear. It's fair to say the M6 makes quite an impression, and regardless of it's abilities to herd cattle it's an excellent high-performance option. With devilishly sharp exterior angles and an engine that's not pulling any punches the M6 is a vehicle that's certainly worth considering. However, it's worth taking into account this vehicle has been forecasted to lose almost 50% of it's original value in the first year, and as a result leasing is the most effective option to secure a world-class vehicle. You can avoid the hassle of disposing of the car, and ignore the dark cloud of depreciation which hangs over a vehicle purchase.

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