Is this the Car for You? Nissan Qashqai
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Is this the Car for You? Nissan Qashqai

There seems no boundaries for the success that can be achieved by the Nissan Qashqai, no barrier high enough to block the unrelenting tidal wave of critical acclaim that has come the Qashqai's way since it's glittering shape was first seen in showrooms around the world. The Qashqai is perhaps one of the first widely successful crossover vehicles, and undoubtedly added fuel to the fire - encouraging many manufacturers and direct competitors of Nissan, including Nissan themselves, to pour millions of dollars into the market. The original model was launched in 2007, selling in the millions, but it's the most recent variations that have caught the eye of eagle-eyed motorists.

Ditching an unpopular line of hatchbacks, Nissan burst onto the family scene with casual aplomb and a hunger to upstart their rivals who were waiting for the first manufacturer to take the daring plunge into the family-crossover market. The 2014 WhatCar Car of the Year?  was hardly an unexpected choice, and the award spoke volumes for how highly regarded the vehicle was. Not just amongst motoring enthusiasts, but even those who knew very little about cars, knew there was something special here.

But Nissan haven't rested on their laurels, with the Japanese manufacturer lighting the blue-touch paper only to be followed by a steady trickle of rival entries including the Kia Sportage, Vauxhall Mokka and Skoda Yeti now yapping at the heels of the Qashqai. 

Running up to a top-speed of 114mph and powering from 0-62mph in 11.3 seconds the most frugal version of the Qashqai maintains 50.4mpg and CO2 emissions of around 129g/km. Of course, should want a little more from the vehicle there are a host of options which can be explored.  It's been heralded as a strongly designed vehicle, and while it's rugged edges are somewhat unsurprising, they contribute to the glow of the vehicle which is highlighted by sharp and stylistic exterior angles and characterized by LED running lights and LED lamps stretching like ivy across the tailgate. The Qashqai looks sharp, and this is a theme continued through to the interior styling which takes on a bold composition, and as you'd expect/hope with a modern family vehicle you won't be short of interior spacing. 430-litres of luggage area to be precise. The driving position is, as expected, quite high and as a result visibility is very good. It's not an off-road vehicle, but it's extremely competent in a variety of differing environments.

Nissan have also gained quite a reputation for high-tech safety systems, and the Qashqai has also benefited from this treatment. Another great selling point for families although it's worth bearing in mind a lot of the kit is entirely optional and made up of add-ons. The vehicle received five stars (out of five) from Euro NCAP, and combines it with Safety Shield Technology. The Qashqai drives well, too, with focused and responsive steering and incredibly smooth and polished interior comfortability. The engine is quiet as a mouse, even when you kick up the gears and the vehicle will turn corners in a refreshingly competent manner.

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Overall, as crossover SUV’s go, you will struggle to find anything quite as adequate. The Qashqai is an incredible car with a balanced and impressionable design and a scathing design which even after all this time continues to be largely unrivalled. It’s not short of character either, with a set of distinctive features that you’d only ever see on a champagne Nissan vehicle. Leasing is the most effective way of securing a brand-new vehicle and at Select Contracts we can offer a highly competitive, fully comprehensive quote on any model in the Nissan range.

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