BMW i3: Fresh boost on the horizon?
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BMW i3: Fresh boost on the horizon?

The BMW i3 is poised to enjoy a new lease of life as it prepares for it's coveted spot during the Super Bowl - one of the largest sporting events in the world. The i3 has enjoyed notable success over the past 18 months following its' release towards the end of 2013, and it is hoped by the big-wigs at BMW that this advertisement will go some way to forcing the i3 back into the public domain. On the face of it, the i3 looks to be a vehicle that will shift itself, with a set of features that are brimming with class, confidence and style. Not to mention, the vehicle - along with the i8 - is BMW's first venture into the increasingly crowded electric vehicle market. The sheer clamour for the luxury car brand to delve into the alternative fuel market, could have been met with the sneering cynicism and 'square-pegs in round holes' that such an ideas have been met with in the past. Instead, the i3 has enjoyed notoriety and success everywhere it's gone, and is highly revered by motoring enthusiasts across the globe. It could be argued that the i3 is the vehicle that many alternative fuel cars will be measured against; including the Mercedes B Electric-Drive and Audi A3 E-Tron. As the advert finishes, the tagline ''Big ideas take a while to get used to'' appears on screen, and that perfectly outlines BMW's approach to this vehicle and the fact it's waiting in the wings to become a motoring legend.

The i3 perhaps suffered after being somewhat overshadowed by it's low-emission cousin, the i8 which showcased simply incredible looks and boasted cutting-edge technology, and that's without mentioning it's appearance on the silver screen in the spy flick Mission Impossible 4. Despite BMW i3's lack of Hollywood stardom, both of these vehicles were particularly incisive for BMW and their hope to infiltrate the electric market. As demonstrated by the i3's ability to tackle industry leaders such as the Nissan LEAF, Vauxhall Ampera and Renault ZOE. 

Packing a 168bhp electric motor the i3 is, as you'd expect, a daring vehicle. A statement echoed by the fact it can reach 0-62 in 7.2 seconds, meaning you won't feel sluggish or lagging behind road-users dirty diesels. In fact, the i3 is extremely competent in almost every environment at fulfiling your expectations. You won't hear a whisper from the engine either, and the suspension is adept, if not slightly shaky when it comes to troublesome bends. However, this remains entirely subjective - the i3 never wavers and a degree of control is always possible to maintained.

In terms of exterior appearance, the i3 looks like something for the future. With contoured, sloping arches and a shiny polishing. The interior is equally as complementing, with lush cream designs that ooze class and a handling style that is soft and responsive. Like many vehicles of it's kind the i3 has a range of interior themes available including the Loft, Lodge and Suite - all of course at an extra cost. You'd be forgiven for mistaking the i3 for a crossover-type SUV - it's not - but the vehicle is fantastically roomy inside and the driving style is higher than you might expect.

Perhaps one of the i3's biggest criticisms has been the blend of plastics used for it's exterior composition, however, it's worth taking into account this is only for the purpose of lowering the weight of the vehicle and aids it's overall agility.  The overall structure of the vehicle will jump-in at a brilliant 1,270kg and this is largely down to it's carbon-fibre make-up. The metallic blue trim gives the vehicle an air of mystery and combined with a glossy bonnet and tailgate makes for an awesome exterior appearance. As you'd expect with a vehicle that looks like it's straight out of the next decade, gracing the interior is a large pair of TFT screens which are in-place in order to display sat-nav, speed and the iDrive dial.

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Investing into the BMW i3 is not only a great option for those looking for a greener alternative, but it is also a fantastic vehicle regardless of what's sitting under the bonnet. It's sporty and unique looks are completely distinctive, and there remains nothing like it. BMW will hope that there Super Bowl advertisement can further the i3's ascent to to the top, and a place in history that it almost seems destined for. Leasing is a very acceptable and reasonable means of obtaining a vehicle, and this mantra rings true for the excellent i3. 

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