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Everything you need to know: Audi A3 E-Tron

Electric car technology is whipping up quite a frenzy as fuel costs become an issue weighing on the mind of every motorist, manufacturers are beginning to pile-in in an attempt to secure their stake in a market that's growing at an incredibly rapid rate. As the years go on, it becomes harder to justify not investing in an electric or hybrid vehicle. The Audi A3 continues to top charts, and it's somewhat unsuprirsing that the powers that-be have jumped at the chance to combine these two booming markets.

As more and more manufacturers begin to allow greater care and attention to their electric vehicles, Audi joins what is already proving to be a long conga-line. BMW have injected style into the market with their nifty i3 and the super-high-tech i8 and Mercedes were prepared to bite the bullet with their Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive. And now the final member of the big-three: Audi, hopes to upset the balance of power in their favour. They might not have hard-time doing so either, as the plug-in hybrid version of the A3 looks very tasty to say the least.

The electric motor will join forces with a 1.4-litre TFSI engine to produce 201bhp and upto 350Nm of torque. The vehicle's swashbuckling guille is epitomized by it's ability to reach 0-62 in less than 7.6 seconds, returning the minimal figure of 37g/km of emissions. With a score like that you can say goodbye to road tax. 

Any 500 mile round-trips planned? Well, fear not the revamped A3 will push this figure to the limits on purely electric power. Like a well-oiled (or not as the case may be) machine, the A3 will truly go the distance and despite racking up a hefty price tag, has a host of features on offer to partner it's glowing economy stats.

On the face of it the vehicle appears no different to the original A3 with very few exterior additions. Offering a single frame grille, e-tron specific bumpers and ''bespoke'' alloys the minor additions are exactly that, but will be welcome for those looking into the vehicle, or that have been curtailed with these issues in the current A3. However, the inside is where we see justification for the sizeable hole in your wallet it will create. The A3 E-Tron is clearly a cut-above when it comes to internal styling, providing as standard an S-tronic gearbox, MMI navigation plus, front sport seats, climate control and seven-inch colour display. Like many vehicles of it's kind, the A3 will offer a number of different modes including the Hybrid Auto (Dependent on your style of driving, the system interchanges between combustion and electric power in cognition with electric power), Hybrid Hold is for storing battery and Hybrid Charge is designed for regeneration of the brakes, and uses the non-electric part of the engine to fuel the batteries. It's all incredibly high-tech and you won't hear a whisper from the engine unless you really get going.

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The Audi A3 E-Tron is a vehicle of fantastic quality with a wide range of some of the finest features potentially available at your fingertips. Leasing is an incredible opportunity to secure any vehicle, not just the A3, and we have a friendly team who are waiting to find the best deal for you. We can provide a quote on any model in the Audi range, including the luxurious A3 Hatchback and all it's variations.  

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