Best Car Leasing Deals | October 2020
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Best Car Leasing Deals | October 2020

Rapidly growing in popularity, car leasing is one of the most popular methods of financing a new car in 2020, with nearly 2 million private individuals now choosing to lease a car in the UK.

Maybe you've heard a lot about car leasing, maybe you know someone who leases, but you're not sure exactly what it means or the unique benefits it can bring. Here, we highlight just some of the key benefits of leasing today.

Affordability... the key benefit for many leasing customers is leasing’s comparative affordability, especially when compared against more traditional ways of driving new. With a series of affordable fixed monthly payments, drivers avoid having to fork out a large lump sum or borrow funds for a brand new vehicle. The strong residual values of some higher, prestige vehicles also means that many of the most impressive and luxurious vehicles on the roads will be within the reach of many more drivers.

Accessibility... car leasing is one of the most inclusive forms of vehicle finance; almost anyone can do it. As long as you hold a full UK drivers license and are over the age of 18, you may be eligible to take a new car lease on a wide range of makes and models.

Avoid depreciation... Leasing is the antidote to the hit of depreciation many drivers will take when it comes to selling on their car. As all car leases are fresh off the production line, you are driving a vehicle in its peak condition for between 1 and 4 years, at which point you hand back the keys and are free to take a new vehicle if you wish. No depreciation. No selling hassle.

Browse from the safety of your home... In today’s world we’re all spending much more time at home. With our bespoke web platform showcasing thousands of unique deals, you can now browse, order and receive your car to your door without having to set foot off your driveway, helping you stay safe and secure.

Hassle-free process... With no face-to-face contact required, we have a team of expert leasing consultants at the other end of the phone who will walk you through every step of the process and explain any burning questions you have throughout the duration of your contract

You can learn more here about the benefits of car leasing and find detailed comparisons of car leasing vs buying on our dedicated car leasing guide section.

Grab a new car leasing deal today and have a brand new car on your driveway in time for winter! Below we introduce some of October’s best car leasing deals, to view our complete range of deals visit our dedicated special offers.

BMW 2 Series Coupe - from £225 per month inc VAT

The versatile 2 Series Coupe remains one of the most popular vehicles of its kind. Compact, great to drive and with the kind of performance figures not befitting its modest price tag, there is lots to love about one of BMW’s most cherished models of the recent generation.

Mercedes A Class Saloon A250e - from £276 per month inc VAT

The executive saloon sibling of Mercedes’ best-selling A Class Hatchback was pretty much a guaranteed success, but maybe even Mercedes will have been surprised by its relentlessly improving sales figures. The A Class Saloon combines all the good elements of the A Class and melds them with a practical design, executive look and enhanced engines. Our pick of the engines is the A250e plug-in hybrid, allowing you to balance low costs on the road with strong performance.

Seat Leon Hatchback - from £168 per month inc VAT

Seat are part of the Volkswagen Group, so while the Leon borrowes many of its impressive featues from models under the VW umbrella, this is still a fiercely individual car with nods to Seat’s roots in Spain. Stylish and practical in equal measure, a Seat Leon lease is the answer for a sporty and comfortable hatchback to warm you up over winter. With a range of engine sizes and trims, this Seat has something for everyone, including high-power track-inspired Cupra trims.

Nissan Juke - from £163 per month

The Juke has always been one of the most distinctive vehicles on roads and the latest version, revamped for 2020, is no different. Unique and unlike any other car on the road – the Juke excels at standing out, but its far from just a one trick pony. Juke lease cusomers can expect a smooth ride, plenty of useful equipment and large amounts of interior storage. All contribute to an impressive compact SUV experience.

Range Rover Evoque - from £323 per month inc VAT

The Evoque is a UK-icon now well into its successful second generation. Modern, stylish and with class in abundance, the Range Rover Evoque is the ideal luxury SUV solution for drivers looking for that little bit of prestige in their SUV for a comparative bargain. High quality, high-tech and instantly recognisable – the Range Rover Evoque is one of the best examples of the new generation of SUVs.

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