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New Alpine A110 is Miami nice

Dig out your pastel-coloured suits and 80s chinos - Alpine has launched new ‘Miami’ colours’ for its A110.

And with the 'South Beach Colorway' pack boasting ‘Bleu Azur’ and ‘Rose Bruyère’ shades, it might even tempt Miami Vice’s fictional cops Crocket and Tubbs away from their trademark Ferraris.

The A110 sports coupe was recently updated by Alpine, coming with better performance and uprated equipment.

There are three main variants to choose from - the entry-level, 252 hp A110, the 300 hp A110 GT, and the range-topping A110 S.

And it’s with the base A110 that you can now enjoy these new Miami colours, with the pack being made available this summer.

An Alpine spokesperson reveals: 

“Inspired by the neon lights of Ocean Drive, the art deco buildings overlooking Miami, the colourful sunsets and the city's vibrant music scene, the A110 South Beach Colorway will be available in two liveries, blue or pink.

“Highlighted by 18-inch white Serac wheels, this exclusive package will distinguish this unique theme, extending to the vehicle's interior: the ‘South Beach’ floor mats will be embroidered in the colours of the liveries, and the blue and pink flags will adorn both the exterior and interior of the A110.”

While you might assume that these bold new colours don’t fit into Alpine’s history, you’d be wrong - blue and pink paint jobs are all part of the brand’s heritage.

So what else can you expect from an A110 lease - a car that goes toe-to-toe with the likes of the Audi TT and Toyota GR Supra?

The regular A110 will have you sprinting from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds and then on to a top speed of 170 mph. You can also expect a 7 inch infotainment touchscreen coupled to Alpine’s new multimedia system, as well as 17 inch alloy wheels and sport seats.

The A110 S, on the other hand, will hit 62mph in 4.2 seconds and also gets a dedicated sports exhaust system, high performance Brembo brakes, and sharper handling.

What’s more, the S also features a distinctive rear spoiler - the first A110 ever to be given one - as well as an aero body kit designed to help you unleash your inner racer on the track.

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