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New Alfa Romeo ‘Estrema’ series built for ‘driving purists’

Alfa Romeo has launched new ‘Estrema’ versions of its Giulia saloon and Stelvio SUV - as they weren’t already attractive enough.

The Estrema models are built specifically for ‘sporty driving’, according to the Italian firm, and come loaded with active suspension, a limited slip differential, and lashings of extra carbon fibre compared with entry and mid-level variants. .

And that means that both the Giulia Estrema and the Stelvio Estrema move straight to the top of their respective ranges.

Let’s rewind slightly to add some context.

The Giulia - available to lease from around £447 per month - is an achingly-gorgeous sports saloon that has racked-up a slew of industry awards. The most recent of those came just a few weeks back, when Autocar handed the Giulia ‘Quadrifoglio’ the 'Future Classic' gong at the annual Autocar Awards.

The Stelvio, meanwhile, is Alfa’s answer to the Jaguar F-Pace and is also loved by critics, recently winning the ‘Performance SUV’ prize at the 4x4 magazine awards. You can lease a Stelvio from around £594 per month.

What’s important to point out here is that the new Estrema cars only top the regular Stelvio and Giulia ranges, sitting ahead of the ‘Sprint’ and ‘Veloce’ incarnations.

The balls-to-the-wall, 510hp ‘Quadrifoglio’ models are still the most potent and desirable Stelvio and Giulia you can lay your hands on.

The Giulia Estrema gets a 280 hp petrol engine, while the Stelvio Estrema can be had with either the aforementioned petrol mill, or a more economical 210 hp 2.2 litre diesel unit. Whichever powertrain you plump for, it’ll come mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and Alfa’s ‘Q4’ all-wheel drive.

You also get Alfa’s ‘Synaptic Dynamic Control’ adaptive suspension and a limited slip differential as standard, which does a great job when it comes to ‘adapting to conditions to provide comfort without compromising handling and driving pleasure’, says the manufacturer.

Am Alfa Romeo spokesperson adds: 

“The limited slip differential provides stability and high control in all grip conditions, distributing torque and traction even when exiting corners, at high speeds and during acceleration.”

There’s carbon fibre detailing both inside and out, including on the front grille, and you’ll also enjoy 19 inch alloys on the Giulia and 21 inch rims on the Stelvio.

An uprated 14-speaker Harman Kardon audio system is also a welcome addition.

The Giulia Estrema is priced from £50,579 to buy outright, while the Stelvio Estrema begins at £57,999.

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