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Best Car Lease Deals & Special Offers

See our latest car leasing deals below. Please be aware that these special offers may only be around for a limited amount of time.

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Most of these car lease vehicles are available from stock and are therefore eligible for quick delivery, usually 2-4 weeks. Some lease cars may be on a longer lead time as they are ordered direct from the factory. These can be built to your exact personal requirements and specification.

Car Lease Deals From Select Car Leasing

Car leasing makes driving a new car affordable. Leasing a car is a great option to drive a brand-new vehicle at fixed monthly payments that really suit all budgets and lifestyles. Our lease deals and special offers cover the entire spectrum of bodytypes and car models - from budget-friendly city hatchbacks to sumptuous prestige supercars.

Select Car Leasing are the UK’s most trusted and largest car leasing experts. We offer competitive rates on all makes and models, with all-inclusive manufacturer’s warranty, road tax, breakdown cover and free nationwide delivery to your door. With car leasing you simply hand back the vehicle at the end of your agreed lease period, meaning you only have to pay for the depreciation cost during your contract hire agreement.

If you want to know more about all of our car leasing deals, please get in contact with us by emailing enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk or simply call us on 0118 920 5130 and we’ll be happy to help.

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Want to know more about car leasing? Get in touch now with our dedicated leasing consultants on
0118 920 5130 or email us at enquiries@selectcarleasing.co.uk

Benefits of our lease car deals are:

Drive A Brand New Car

Drive an efficient, reliable new vehicle with cutting-edge technology and all the latest driver assistance and safety systems.

All Leading Car Models

Choose the best electric, hybrid or petrol/diesel lease car deals from the major manufacturers and get the specification you need.

Low Upfront Lease Payments

Leasing is one of the most affordable ways to drive new, with a much lower capital outlay than buying a vehicle outright.

Protect Your Savings

Leave your hard-earned money in the bank and pay an affordable monthly lease fee for your car instead.

No Vehicle Depreciation Risk

A new car might lose 40% of its initial value after three years of ownership. With car leasing, you swerve those huge costs.

Fixed Monthly Fees

Enjoy peace of mind with fixed, pre-set monthly payments that won’t change for the duration of your leasing contract.

No Big Repair Bills

An old or ageing car might be plagued by reliability issues. A brand new lease car deal will keep you on the road.

Road Tax Paid

The road tax on your new lease car will be covered for the duration of your contract. It’s another perk of leasing.

Optional Replacement Vehicle Cover

Leasing with our optional insurance package unlocks a replacement vehicle should you suffer an accident or breakdown.

Full Maintenance and Servicing Options

Our optional ‘Maintenance’ package covers you for servicing, routine maintenance and worn tyre replacement, for a fixed monthly fee.

No Vehicle Disposal At End

At the end of your contract, simply hand back the keys and perhaps choose a new lease car. It couldn’t be simpler.

Leasing a car with Select Car Leasing… in 3 simple steps

Choose your plan

1Choose your car lease deal

Choose your vehicle off the website, how many years you want to lease a car for, initial payment you want to make, the annual mileage you’ll do and add any extras you might want

Order a car with our team

2Order a lease car with our team

Our car leasing consultants will contact you back, help guide you on the best vehicle option, and will then order your car. You can then sit back and relax!

Car delivered to your door

3Car delivered to your door

Once everything’s organised, your vehicle will be scheduled for delivery – right to your door! It’s as easy as that!

Is leasing right for my lifestyle?

As car leasing has grown in popularity over the past decade, more and more leading car makes and models have become readily available to lease. Whether you need an SUV for the family, a five star NCAP safety rated vehicle that keeps the kids safe or are towing a caravan for a trip across Europe, taking a car lease gives you the flexibility to get exactly the right car for your lifestyle.

Furthermore, as lifestyles change so quickly these days a lease car gives you the flexibility to change your vehicle every 3 or so years, so you can fit your mobility solution exactly to your current lifestyle needs both now and into the future.

Is car leasing right for my lifestage?

Leasing a car is a simple and modern solution for any UK driver that’s looking for a brand-new car in 2021. With a wide range of budget options available, from cost-effective city car ‘run arounds’, up to luxury SUVs, a car lease works whether you have just passed your test or been driving for 40 years.

Emerging from business car leasing in the 1980s, personal car leasing today is one of the most popular methods of driving new and encompasses the whole spectrum of makes, models, bodytypes and even fuel types, with hybrid and electric cars now right at the forefront of any leasing options available.

Why Select Car Leasing?

Our key business philosophy is simplicity, honesty and always exceeding our customers expectations.

We pride ourselves on great customer satisfaction. We have achieved an excellent 5 star rating on TrustPilot from over 24,742 genuine customer reviews. We have also been voted the #1 Most Trusted UK Leasing Company by Corporate Vision.

As a member of independent industry trade body, the BVRLA (British Vehicle, Rental and Leasing Association), we adhere to a code of conduct that ensures you get the highest standards of customer service. Furthermore, the business is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) meaning that we adhere to all the rules and standards set by this organisation. This means as a consumer you are treated fairly, delivered an appropriate service and we put your customer protection above profit or income.

Helpful questions about car leasing

Want the pleasure of driving a new car but without the expense of buying outright? Leasing brings you the 'new car' experience for an agreed length of time - typically two, three or four years - before you simply hand the car back. The car leasing process is simple. You choose your car, figure out your annual mileage, and finalise the length of the contract and the size of the initial payment. Then your dream vehicle is simply delivered to your day. When the lease period ends, you're free to choose another lease option or simply walk away.

Brand new cars benefit from all the latest technological advances, whether that's safety features, electrification, driver assistant packages, clean and efficient engines, or modern styling. You also avoid the hidden pitfalls and high servicing costs you often get with older cars. Fixed monthly payments means you can budget accordingly, giving you peace of mind, and there's no hard sell at the end of the contract. And remember, new cars only require an MOT upon three years of its initial registration.

Over the last two decades, Select has cemented its core relationships with UK's largest car lease finance companies as well as the UK's major dealerships and vehicle manufacturers. We deliver thousands of lease cars to customers every year enabling significant economies of scale, in turn allowing Select to order cars in bulk, helping create the most competitive car lease deals in the UK today.

Car leasing has exploded in popularity in the past decade - to the point where more than 6.5 million vehicles in the UK are now leased. Car leasing (Personal Contract Hire, or 'PCH', as it's also known) is a long-term rental agreement. When you buy a car, you own it - and accept associated costs such as depreciation. And leasing has proved so popular, as opposed to other forms of finance such as PCP loans, Personal loans and Hire Purchase, because people realise how cost effective and easy it is to do. If you like driving a brand new car and will look to upgrade it within a few years, then car leasing is something you should seriously consider. Find out more in our handy car leasing vs buying guide.

Yes. At Select Car Leasing we offer customers bespoke 'Total Care' car lease packages, which are a selection of car and van lease deals available with full coverage, including insurance, damage protection, maintenance and also accident management. That means if something does go wrong, you're not out of pocket.

The car leasing process is very simple. Head to our website, choose your car, select the appropriate annual mileage, choose the contract length, then just click the 'enquire' button and one of our expert leasing consultants will be in touch. You then order your car, sign your documents, wait for it to be delivered and then start driving! It couldn't be easier.

There's a lease car to suit all budgets, starting at around £125 per month for a small Dacia hatchback and going up to more than £2,000 per month for a luxury supercar. You can use our 'Budget Search' tool to find vehicles that match your criteria. And you'll likely be pleasantly surprised by what you can afford. Thanks to our market leading links to industry, you can also take advantage of our great deals and special offers.

You can protect both your car and your peace of mind by taking out a maintenance package for an additional fixed monthly cost. This covers you for all scheduled servicing, MOTs (if necessary) and any replacements or repairs the vehicle requires. We can even pick up and drop off your vehicle to your home or workplace for maximum convenience. Read more about what's offered in a car leasing maintenance package here or watch our handy video explainer for all you need to know on maintenance.

For maximum convenience, your chosen lease car will be delivered directly to your door. When it comes to timeframes, some 'stock' vehicles will have already been built and are available for a quick delivery, typically somewhere between 10-14 days upon signing your agreement.

Other vehicles will need to be sourced from the manufacturer or dealer and may necessitate a factory order. For those vehicles, you should factor in a 6-14 week lead time.

You'll pay for your lease car in monthly instalments. And one thing to bear in mind is that you'll be asked to make an 'initial payment' - which is equivalent to several monthly payments - before paying monthly after that point. Your monthly payments will vary according to how many miles you do, and the length of your contract period. And for many of the vehicles available through Select Car Leasing you can also alter the size of the 'initial payment' according to your budget.

You don't own the car. Your name will appear on the car's official V5C registration document as the vehicle's registered keeper. But throughout the lease, the car is the property of the provider.  Instead, you enjoy the vehicle as a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) long-term rental agreement and don't suffer depreciation costs.

The more miles you're likely to do, the more you'll pay monthly to lease your vehicle. That's because cars that do more miles are likely to depreciate at a faster rate than those that cover less miles. By looking back at your old MOT documents you can work out precisely how many miles you cover each year, and you can choose your car lease deal accordingly.

Your lease vehicle will come with its road tax paid. MOTs are only required for vehicles older than 3 years (the age of the vehicle starting from the date of the vehicle's registration), therefore an MOT is not something many lease car owners need to think about. If your lease is longer than 3 years, then legally your vehicle will need to undergo an MOT. Learn more about the benefits and what is included in our handy guide. If you have an additional maintenance package then it'll cover against any scheduled MOTs, as well as servicing, and the replacement or repair of things like tyres, batteries, wipers, bulbs and other perishable items needed as a result of Fair Wear and Tear. The package also provides additional breakdown cover.

No, there's no option to buy the car at the end of the lease period. At this point the car is simply returned to the provider as part of the lease's Personal Contract Hire, or 'PCH', long-term rental agreement.

All our vehicles come with manufacturer provided breakdown cover. This means that should you break down, depending on what's required, you'll either receive help getting your car restarted at the roadside or alternatively, you and your car will be taken to the nearest repair garage.

Additional breakdown benefits may also be offered depending upon your contract and the manufacturer. When it comes to accident cover, just like owning any car, when leasing you'll need to obtain fully comprehensive car insurance to protect not only you and your property but to also protect other people and their property as well. This insurance needs to commence on the day of delivery and the vehicle must remain insured until the day the vehicle is returned to the finance company. At Select Car Leasing we also have our own insurance products and packages, including our Total Care offering that provides you a fully-insured lease vehicle and guarantees you're completely covered throughout the duration of your contract for fire, theft and any unexpected accident and repair bills.

You may be able to end your lease agreement early if you find yourself in a position where your situation and needs have changed. But it's important to know that with a personal contract hire (PCH) agreement there may be penalties for returning a car early and in some cases you may have to pay the remaining balance on your leasing agreement.

Select Car Leasing is a member of industry trade body the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA). As such, we abide by the association's mandatory Code of Conduct, which is there to ensure our clients benefits from the highest standards of service, fair terms and conditions, transparent and accurate information and a complaint resolution service. In addition, all broker members are audited or inspected to BVRLA standards. Leasing firms in the UK are also regulated by the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Find out more about us and our accreditations. 

Personal car leasing (also known as personal contract hire) is one of the most affordable ways for private individuals to get behind the wheel of a brand new car. The great thing about personal car leasing is almost anyone can do it, provided you're 18 years old, possess a full UK driver's licence and can prove you're credit-worthy. Business car leasing is available for a range of businesses, individuals and corporations. Business customers can reclaim VAT on their monthly lease payments, so prices are given excluding VAT. You can find out more about business car leasing and whether you're eligible, by visiting our business car leasing page.

Manufacturer's warranty, road tax and breakdown cover are included in all car lease contracts. If you wish, you can choose further maintenance and support packages which cover everything from minor wear repairs to full servicing. All-in-one insurance and damage cover packages are also available with our 'Total Care' package.

In the weeks before your lease agreement ends, we'll be in touch to arrange collection of your lease car at a time and location that suits you. On the day of collection, your vehicle will be checked in line with our Fair Wear & Tear Guidelines and the keys to the car are handed back, leaving you free to either walk or way or choose a new lease vehicle.

Important information
To be eligible for one of our offers you will need to be over 18 and approved for credit with one of our verified lenders. • Not every applicant may be eligible. • Information and prices are correct at the time of publishing which is subject to change. • All vehicles listed are subject to manufacturing availability. • All data listed comes from CAP database and subject to change. • All offers are subject to availability/change and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. • Failure to maintain payments may result in the termination of your contract agreement and the vehicle being returned. • All vehicles images and descriptions are for illustration and reference purposes only. • Please visit the manufacturer's website for more accurate specification. • Terms and conditions apply. • Please be aware that you do not own the vehicle at the end of the contract. • The finance company/funder does not allow and do not sign up to support the activation of In-car Connected services within all vehicles (there may be exceptions to this - please enquire).