Worlds first glow car revealed
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Worlds first glow car revealed

We have electric cars, we have driverless cars we have cars that don’t look or feel like cars masquerading as cars. But we don’t yet have a car with glow-in-the-dark paint. Until now.

The Nissan LEAF was one of the first successful electric cars, and perhaps the only vehicle of its kind to propel itself into the mainstream market. It remains one of the best-selling electric vehicles across the globe, and it’s distinctive appearance is now known the world-over.

As if it’s current success wasn’t enough, the big-wigs at Nissan have decided there was one thing lacking from the LEAF’s arsenal – or indeed any vehicles arsenal. That very item is glow-in-the dark paint – a feature previously unseen on our roads. The design has been showcased in order for Nissan to demonstrate the amount of people investing in solar energy as a means of charging their vehicles.

Using UV absorbing glowing paint that utilizes a combination of ‘’organic materials’’ dubbed STARPATH, and designed by legendary New-Zealand brainbox Hamish Scott. It works by applying spray coating to the body which absorbs UV energy generated from that big yellow thing in the sky – the sun.

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The paint is said to last 25 years, providing a luminous glow in the dead of night for years to come. Despite no official confirmation on its release, it outlines Nissan’s commitment to the LEAF and the future of electric vehicles. Nissan has released the first pictures of the vehicle in this paint, and it looks perhaps surprisingly good. However, rather disappointingly they are yet to confirm it as an official option for customers. Let’s hope this is less PR, more actual thing available to add to your vehicle.

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