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The Van Life

The DIY guide to living in your van.

Do you like adventure? Do you yearn for the freedom of the open road? Going wherever you want, whenever you want? Do you want to travel without relying on hotels and hostels? Or perhaps you live in London and are just sick of spending all of your money on rent.

In either case this guide could be for you. It gives you the basics for how you can live in your van: including sleeping, staying warm, cooking and keeping clean.

Sleeping is perhaps the most important aspect of van living, and without a comfy bed your adventure could be marred by insomnia and a bad back. Therefore, you won't want to be simply shoving a mattress down and hoping for the best. Instead you should be using your DIY skills to build a bedframe suitable for your van. This takes a little more time and skill but will be well worth it when you're trying to sleep.

If you plan to visit, or stay in, less warm climes then you may want to look into properly insulating your van. You can do this with some duct tape, vapour barrier, foam sealant, foam board and fibreglass insulation.

If you're planning on meeting people when you're on the road, you probably want to keep off that 'living in your car' smell. So why not follow our tips on finding spots to keep yourself clean.

We hope you find this infographic useful and that you'll use it, and your DIY skills, as inspiration for your next great adventure.

The Van Life

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