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Spring Driving Tips

Yes its officially spring starting from Monday 20th March! That means it’s time to tweak our driving habits and our vehicles, too.


Look our Spring Driving Tips here:

Clean inside/out

Due to wet shoes, mould or any bacteria that might have built up over the winter its always best to clean your car properly/professionally including all the upholstery and carpets to ensure there are no lasting damp smells.

Beware of potholes

This time of year we can get wide weather fluctuations in temperatures and freeze-thaw cycles. This combination will often cause potholes to form. Its important to ensure you maintain the safety gap with the front vehicle and stay focused on your driving.

Beware of people, cyclists and animals

As soon as the weather starts getting better – you will see more children, people and cyclists on the road. Always be aware of any hazards and especially on narrow country side roads.

Check your tyres

Seasonal spring showers can cause slippery road conditions, so make sure your tyres are up to date with the official trade depth, pressure and overall condition. Slow down before turning and maintain a consistent speed throughout the turn. Also, if you have winter tyres then its best to think about replacing with regular summer tyres.

Check your Wipers

Spring is always the best time to check windscreen wipers, after they have been working overtime during the winter.

Time for seasonal servicing

Consult your service book, and get your car serviced with all the regular checks - oil, fuel, water level checks, clutches, gearbox, power steering, air filters etc.

Get the sunglasses out

Spring sunlight can be at a low angle, especially in the morning and evening so wearing appropriate sunglasses can help to reduce glare.


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