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Shocking First Date Stories!


Survey Reveals Shocking First Date Stories!

Over the past few weeks we've been asking women about men, their cars and nightmare dates. We've already brought you the news that NO, a man's car does not affect his date-ability, but his driving ability does…

Now it’s time to share with you some of the unbelievable stories that you’ve shared with us.

“My Date Made Me Change a Tyre”

Miranda, Sunderland

“Hi, my date’s car got a flat tyre on the motorway so he pulled over to try and swap it for the spare but he wasn’t strong enough to get the bolts out of the wheel so I gave it a go and managed to do it and then he just let me carry on and change the wheel for him. I told him to take me home and we never saw each other again!”


“Crying About His Ex”

Claire, Manchester

“My date picked me up and as we were on our way to a nice restaurant we randomly started talking about our ex’s. After about 10 minutes I could see he was starting to get upset so I said we could change the subject but it was too late and he had to pull the car over because he was crying so hard! I knew this wasn’t the guy for me but I couldn’t call off the date after I’d already made him cry his eyes out.”


“She Threw Up All Down The Side Of My Car”

Tom, Aberdeen

“I took this girl the cinema. She got a load of pick n mix before the film and scoffed it all. On the way home, she told me she was feeling sick so I wound the window down so she could get some fresh air. Just before I got her home she suddenly put her head out of the window and puked out the window. Unfortunately, I went all down the side of the car. I also didn't notice this until the next morning and was late to work because I had to scrape it off as it had dried overnight.”



Hannah, Weston-Super-Mare

“We were on our way back from food and where we live there’s a lot of back country roads. We were driving along and in the distance, we saw a tractor coming towards us. My date thought he could “easily” get past it but instead he ended up driving head first into the tractor’s scoop thing, smashing his headlight into a million pieces. He and the tractor driver then had a fight about who was to blame. It was so embarrassing!”

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