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Seven Seater family cars Roundup

Seven Seaters are perfect family cars offering a strong blend of practicality, versatility, safety features and a new modern look.

If you are in the market for a seven seater family friendly car then you have come to the right place – there are plenty of cars with a modern look and engine availability making for lots of choice in this market.

Here we have compiled a list of the best and most popular seven seaters on the market, we hope this helps your decision!

Nissan X-Trail

Euro NCAP crash safety ratings: Five Stars

Nissan X-TrailThe Nissan X-Trail is essentially a Qashqai x2, as it’s the seven seater version of Nissan’s popular crossover Qashqai. The X-Trail is a good looking off-roader that offers a decent space, high quality interior and an option of five and or seven seats.

The X-Trail is available in a choice of 1.6 litre turbocharged diesel and petrol engine to choose from. It looks better value for money than the similarly priced five seat Qashqai. The panoramic roof is also available on all apart from the entry level Visia model.

Fitted with a comprehensive range of hi-tech safety equipments and successfully achieved its maximum five stars in the rigorous Euro NCAP crash safety tests.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Euro NCAP crash safety ratings: Five Stars

Land Rover Discovery SportThe Land Rover Discovery Sport is one of the smartest and sophisticated choices for families, boasting a versatile seven-seat layout.

It is one of the best off-roaders offering a surprisingly great driving experience with all its major controls feeling responsive and solid. It is available in a choice of both 2.0 and 2.2 litre diesel engines.

The cheapest models come with an 8 inch touchscreen display, climate control, DAB radio, rear parking sensors and heated, part leather seats. It is a premium family SUV which is more than a worthy successor in the compact SUV market.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

Euro NCAP crash safety ratings: To be tested

BMW 2 Series Gran TourerThe BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer is one of the newest members of the seven seater family offering seven seats capacity, best in-class driving dynamics, and the latest technology to keep you safe as well as putting some exhilaration into everyday driving.

The sixth and seven seats give you an option to be pulled up from the boot floor using one hand. Folding down and sliding forward an outside middle row seat gives access to the third row.

It’s perfect for growing families looking for a premium badge; and is available in both 1.5 and 2.0 litre petrol and diesel engines. Get the full details on our BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer post here.


BMW X5The BMW X5 is a prestigious seven seater family car that comes with both strong and powerful engines that are suitable for all rough terrain and can only be used on windy country roads.

All the interior design and quality are up-to-date with typical BMW levels. The seats are spacious for a comfortable journey however the additional two seats do not have much space to make it comfortable for regular adult use.

It is a luxurious seven seater option that is considered a wise choice in terms of reliability.

Hyundai Santa-FE

Euro NCAP crash safety ratings: Five Stars

Hyundai Santa-FEThe Hyundai Santa-FE is practical and well-equipped SUV that offers decent choice of five or seven seats. It is very roomy and an upmarket family car that comes in both 2.2 litre CRDi diesel engine as standard that performs well with comfort and quietness.

Decent running costs and a five year warranty make the Santa-FE an all-round good family car.

Kia Sorento

Euro NCAP crash safety ratings: Five Stars

Kia SorentoKia Sorento is one of the most important models for the Kia brand, offering seven seats along with a comfortable ride and reassurance of the brands seven year warranty.

The Sorento combines modern looks with a premium-quality interior and boasts flexible and plenty of standard equipment features to make it an ideal family car. It is also relatively cheap compared with other seven-seater cars.

It comes with one standard 2.2 litre diesel engine to choose from and all the cars benefit from all-wheel drive as standard.


Kia Sorento

Nissan X-Trail

Hyundai Santa-FE

Land Rover Discovery Sport

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer



1685 mm

1715 mm

1675 mm

1724 mm

1612 mm

1762 mm


1890 mm

1830 mm

1880 mm

2069 mm

1800 mm

2184 mm


4780 mm

4640 mm

4690 mm

4559 mm

4556 mm

4886 mm


2780 mm

2705 mm

2700 mm

2741 mm

2780 mm

2933 mm

Engine Options

2.2 litre diesel engine as standard

Fuel efficiency: 42.2-49.6 miles per gallon

CO2 Emissions: 149 – 177 grams per kilometre


2.2  litre diesel engine as standard

Fuel efficiency: 41.5-46.3 miles per gallon

CO2 Emissions: 159-178 grams per kilometre

2.0 litre diesel engine as standard

Fuel efficiency: 53.3 miles per gallon

CO2 Emissions: 139 grams per kilometre

218i, 220i, 216d, 218d, 220d

Fuel efficiency: 44.9 – 68.9 miles per gallon

CO2 Emissions:

108-145 grams per kilometre


Luggage capacity – 7 seats in position

142 litres

130 litres





Luggage capacity – 5 seats in position

605 litres

445 litres


981 litres

560 litres

575 litres

All seats folded

1662 litres



1698 litres

1820 litres

1795 litres



If you need help finding your best  seven seater cars then you can always look at a great selection of deals on our website or call our friendly sales team on 0118 920 5130. 

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