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Renault 5 Turbo 3E is ‘born to drift’

Renault has unveiled a retro-tastic ‘5 Turbo 3E’ drift car, which has performance that’s as grin-inducing as it looks.

The Renault 5 was, of course, a common sight on UK roads throughout the 80s and 90s before it was eventually dropped in 1996.

Last year we learned that the French firm was bringing back its compact icon as the Renault 5 Electric, a car that’s slated for launch in 2024 and which recently made its UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

You can’t talk about the Renault 5 without harking-back to the ‘hot’ versions including the 5 Gordini and the 5 GT Turbo.

And this 5 Turbo 3E is Renault’s modern, all-electric take on the classic Renault 5 ‘GT Turbo 2’ which first wowed fans on launch back in 1983.

The legendary lines of the GT Turbo 2 are present and correct with the Turbo 3E, including flared wheel arches and massive side air vents.

But while the original GT Turbo 2 made do with power of 160 hp, the Turbo 3E boasts 380 hp and has a very healthy 700 Nm of peak torque.

Oh, and did we mention the ma-hoosive rear spoiler and its ability to tear up the track?

Renault’s Vice-President Design, Gilles Vidal, said, 

“This pure electric ‘drifter’ demonstrates that electric cars can also be fun with incredible performance!"

The power comes from a 42 kWh battery that’ll see the 5 Turbo 3E accelerating from 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds, which knocks the performance of the old GT Turbo into a cocked hat.

It has just two seats, it’s got a carbon fibre shell, and there are two electric motors to drive each of the rear wheels.

It's also a car that has clearly been built for the Instagram generation.

A Renault spokesperson explains: 

“To record the R5 Turbo 3E performance, it comes with 10 mounting brackets for cameras inside and outside – for instance in the slots for the headlights and for the exterior mirrors, which are perfect to get the best footage of its drifting prowess.”

LED strips at the front and rear also flash wildly when you’re drifting, just to add to the spectacle.

Our Renault spokesperson adds:

“The large air inlets on R5 Turbo 3E’s front bumper cool the engine and add downforce. The three vertical sections are instantly reminiscent of the Renault 5 Turbo 2’s bumper. The square fog lights look a lot like the ones ‘back in the day’ – but now there are four and each contains 16 LEDs.”

Meanwhile the cabin has been heavily influenced by video game culture. To start the Turbo 3E you actually push a ‘Free Play’ button as you would on an arcade machine!

Another insanely-brilliant touch is that the Turbo 3E also comes with its own teddy bear, called ‘Drifty’.

While the Turbo 3E is just a concept for now, it’s not hard to see how a hot Renault 5 Turbo Electric might look in the future. 

And if it’s styled anything like this, we already want one.

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