Porsche 911 GT3 RS given Geneva reveal
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Porsche 911 GT3 RS given Geneva reveal

If there was one car you’d think couldn’t be improved any further, it’d be the Porsche 911 – a vehicle that has held a strong clasp on much of the high-performance super-car market for many years that it almost held immortality status. It rode onto the scene in the late 90s in the most dramatic of fashion and it was clear to many at the time the legacy which Porsche could build.

That legacy is set to continue with the reveal of the 911 GT3 RS which offers a staggering 493bhp, resulting in 0-62mph being attainable in less than 3.3 seconds. If that was impressive, increasing that to 124mph will take a toe-curling 10.9 seconds. Astonishing. It’s said to have thundered round the Nurburgring circuit in a drool-inducing 7 minutes 20 seconds.

The vehicle is primarily geared towards motorsport, but it’s price-tag currently suggests it may cater for those with a cash to burn who are looking to turn-heads. The tyres are wider and the steering similar to that seen of the GT3, but don’t dismiss these changes as insignificant; Porsche have been very quick to announce the vehicle has been kitted-out as lavishly as is allowed for a vehicle they want to flourish on both the competitive and casual stage.

On first impressions you’d be forgiven for mistaking the vehicle for the original GT3, but look a little closer and you’ll notice a wider aluminium body, more imposing frame, exclusive front splitter and a rear-wing that not only increases agility but is a nice party-trick for the GT3 that its opponents would do well to pay attention to. Vents in the wheel-arches will improve air-flow and as a result aid cognition and performance.

It’s also worth taking not of the glossy carbon-fibre materials that make-up the GT3 RS’s impressionable composition. Take a peek inside and while it’s clear this isn’t designed for the family market (Did you really need us to tell you that?) the vehicle still does practicality pretty well. Porsche aficionados will recognise the sports seats from the popular 918 Spyder, and it’s worth bearing in mind that the interior can be stripped and kitted-out till your heart’s content with the Club Sport Package. Technology will be the key to unlocking the GT3 RS potential and we can promise the GT3 RS will not fall-short on this front.

Supercars have been the order of the day at Geneva so far, this year more than ever with a number of releases with horsepower pushing the highest figures. The Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488 GTB, Koenigsegg Regina have dominated press-talk and will perhaps continue to do so over the next few weeks, possibly months. A little bit closer to home the return of Morgan has been greeted with warm adulation; however, Porsche won’t feel intimidated by any of these big-names. The GT3 RS has enough clout of its own to get a fair slice of the market, and we fully expect it’s quality to facilitate this goal.

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