Our Cars Of The Future Are Set To Make History
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Our Cars Of The Future Are Set To Make History

The amount of documents a person needs to drive a car is now more than ever, ranging from the obvious parts like driving license and insurance through to breakdown cover. But Soon there will be one more which needs to be added to the list in the form of a privacy policy, as our cars become ever more connected.

How Will Our Future Cars Change The Way We Live?

To some it may seem unlikely that we will need data sharing agreements just for traveling in our cars, but in the very near future our cars are going to be just as connected as any smartphone or laptop, leading to many of the same privacy issues which are being discussed today.

It’s been predicted that there will be more than 150m cars with Internet access by 2020, and although this will not have a huge impact on how we travel, it will completely transform what we are capable of doing whilst travelling. It will allow people to stay connected wherever they are, giving them real time information on everything from the traffic to weather and hundreds of other applications.

It is thought that’s cars will be linked through 4G technology which will also enable to car to detect any issues it has developed and report them to the driver and also the manufacturer. This will service many positive purposes including increased safety, but will also allow insurers to know far more about you than they do currently, which will be good news for careful drivers but bad news for boy racers.

This new connectivity and what it will bring has been summed up by Ford’s global vice president Jim Farley who said “We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it.” The monitoring is done through event data recorders (EDR’s) which are starting to become a standard feature in America. The EDR’s collect data on everything from seat belt use to air bag deployment as well as your speed and direction, leaving you with no excuses and nowhere to hide.

All of this data is going to be valuable to a wide range of companies, particularly advertisers who will want to use your information such as location to send you targeted ads. However it will be under the control of your manufacturer, making signing privacy agreements a much more important thing than it seems right now.

Many will hope that the terms and conditions created by the manufacturers will prevent these types of things occurring, but as our experience with the internet has told us so far, these are not as watertight as many would assume. What is certain is that manufacturers will want to keep their loyal customers happy, which should ensure that their private data is kept private.

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