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New 2015 Audi Q7 Revealed

We are still picking up the fragments of glass from a Detroit Auto Show that was shattered by a number of stellar vehicle reveales. One of which was the announcement of the all-new Audi Q7 which offered a number of striking differences from it's predecessors. The first of which is an overall smaller size, though you wouldn't notice on first glance, the 2015 Q7 is 15mm more narrow and 37mm shorter than it's ancestor. The Q7 has largely been a very successful vehicle, often considered a leader of the new luxury SUV market and it is expected this latest addition to the impressive Q7 family. 

The new Q7 enters with all the swagger and verve of  a long lost cousin who's just turned up to show off their new shiny clothes. The Q7's impression on the rest of the Audi market should not be under-estimated as it will signal a marked change in all designs for Audi's entire SUV range. With sleek LED headlights and a trademark, styled front grille the new-look Q7 has many featurest that you wish would be tacked on to all of the German manufacturers vehicles. The Q7 has an appearance which is more James Bond than James Dreyfus with finite exterior touches applied to seemingly every corner. It looks like a vehicle fit, and up for the fight and it will have quite a battle on it's hands when it's parachuted into a market that seems to be furiously scrapping for every crumb.

The vehicle sits on the new MLB 2 Platform, and the engine range includes a 3.0 TDi standard from launch. There is a 215bhp version set to be released subsequent to launch and a 268bhp version from day-one. Offering 47.8mpg and 153g/km, the 268bhp will power from 0-62mph in less than 6.3 seconds, and it’s worth noting that all vehicles are originally Four Wheel Drive.

The interior is precisely styled, and lavishly combed with none of the slapdash that has perhaps graced other ill-fated competitors. An infotainment touchpad, centre console and a sharper, slighter dashboard design. The interior feels good, and is comfortable to spend long hours in with an eight-speed automatic gearbox thrown in for free. It's not only smoothly refined, but expertly high-tech. There are few interiors that are so futuristic, and the Q7 just got even more next-level.

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The reason for this is that in conjunction with Audi's spectrum-widening programme to push forward electric, and hybrid vehicles they have announced that a brand-new hybrid Q7 will join the range. The vehicle will act as an e-tron variant, the same to that seen for the A3 Hatchback. Economy and emissions are rumoured to be around that of 166.1mpg and 50g/km, with an electric output of upto 35 miles and a power out-put of 368bhp and 700Nm. It's expected to arrive bang in the middle of 2015. Leasing is certainly the most effective medium of securing a vehicle, and the case will be no different for the Q7 and it's upcoming E-tron variation. We have a team of sales advisers who will always endeavour to find the best deal for you and have an excellent product knowledge spanning across almost every model and manufacturer.

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We can provide an instant, non-obligatory quote that is both highly comprehensive and incredibly competitive. For any vehicle-related queries, or an enquiry on the Q7 or any Audi model visit: Audi Business Lease, email: or call: 0845 6770 770.

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