Jaguar Land Rover Reveal Fresh New Technology
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Jaguar Land Rover Reveal Fresh New Technology

Jaguar Land Rover have had an exciting few days with a flurry of fresh technology reveals.

Firstly, it was announced that the brand would be given the green-light for revolutionary techniques that would allow you to control your rear wipers with just your eyes. Yes, you read that correctly – a slight glance could set your wipers going, although we imagine there will be a little more to it than that. The British manufacturer has a proven track record when it comes to safety, with that record looking to get a greater boost from their latest reveal.

Then came the news that the manufacturer would be developing new tech known simply as “Pothole Alert”. The system will map the road and identify any holes or cracks in the road and then share data with other motorists. It has been rumoured that the system may also have the ability to steer around potholes by obtaining their whereabouts from other vehicles. Presumably, only if they’re Jags though?

The tech is currently being tested on a group of Range Rover Evoque’s – one of the partnerships best-selling models who will be putting into practise the latter technology.

Even so, the tech would likely be one of the most popular currently available simply due to the fact it would save motorists – especially those that do high mileages – plenty in the way of cash with the risk of punctured tyres, and scratched wheel arches severely reduced.

But how on earth does it work? Well, luckily Jaguar/Land Rover already have a fair bit in terms of technology in their current vehicles and this has/will only been proliferated via the recent updates to the XE and XF – two incredibly high-tech motoring specimens. One of the abilities their current vehicles boast is identifying road surfaces that are particularly treacherous. This will be combined with a digital camera as part of the prevention side of things. A fourfold system will be undertaken by the car to prevent your brand-new swanky vehicle slamming into a pesky pothole. The stages are as followed: Alert, to warn the driver so they can steer around, Adjust so the suspension is tuned better, Warn other vehicles in the local area and finally Avoid; With autonomous driving it could automatically steer around potholes without you having to lift a finger.

Furthermore, it could work with local authorities – Coventry City Council are the current guineapigs with the manufacturer believed to be rolling out a scheme that would alert the council to the location of potholes so as they can get them covered up.

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