How to pass an MOT of your vehicle? MOT Guide
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How to pass an MOT of your vehicle? MOT Guide

If you are driving a three years old car then you should need to pass an MOT of your vehicle which includes cars, Lorries, trucks and tractors etc....

Why need MOT?

The MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

When to get MOT?

For most vehicles including motorcycles, cars, light vans and goods vehicles, the test is required annually at the age of three years.

Whereas for taxis, ambulances and private passenger vehicles with more than 9 passenger seats, you will require an MOT test annually at the age of first year.

You can get your vehicles MOT at the approved garage where it shows a three blue sign with 3 white triangles. There is different pricing based on your vehicle category which you can check the maximum MOT fee at the official government website here.

Legal rule

Under the legal rules and regulations of Great Britain, it is illegal to drive a non-exempt vehicle that requires a MOT test on public roads without a legal MOT. It can be exempted, if you are driving to and from a booked MOT centre.

Do you know? You can check the MOT status online?

You can check the MOT and Road tax status online which will keep you up to date with your status and the next your car is due for MOT and road tax.

Check the MOT status online here

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