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The future of cars according to kids

What does the future hold? It depends on who you ask. When it comes to car design, the manufacturers task full teams and departments with that responsibility.

But if we want to really nail the brief and find out what drivers of the future want to see, perhaps we should get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

We did exactly that, briefing a class of kids aged six to nine with drawing what they imagine a car of the future will look like. Scroll on for the original sketches and digital illustrations we created from their concepts.

What does the next generation want in a car?

Predominantly food, apparently. The majority of pupils we tasked with creating their car of the future opted for food as one of the main inspirations – be it an on-board vending machine or an engine that runs solely on Coca-Cola. At the very least, it’d make for a significant cut on CO2 emissions.

1.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Cone Car)

1.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Cone Car)2

In fact, for seven-year-old Scarlett, food is the only inspiration. The vehicle itself is decorated in the waffle pattern of an ice cream cone, while the wheels look like an ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

Although it runs on chocolate milkshake, a fuel not often found on the forecourt, the milkshake maker allows for filling up on the move – perhaps the foundations of a self-sustaining car? Tech-wise, the driver is treated to a panoramic windscreen and massage chair.

Mobility for the whole family – pets included

Many of the concepts are of course pretty whacky, such as Finley’s Fire Dragon, but a closer look at the features gives great insight into the existing car tech that the next generation have already picked up on – and in this case, developed.

2.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Fire Dragon)

2.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Fire Dragon)2

Granted, this particular design has six wheels, four wings and a ‘fire turbo’, but it also has voice recognition, security cameras and a clever system that provides power via solar panels on the car’s side.

We found that petrol and diesel were largely ignored in favour of more environmentally friendly fuels. Especially impressive considering our inventors are at least ten years from driving age. There was also a focus on providing a safe place for pets.

The next generation of drivers want cars to suit all travel needs

Combining several modes of transport into one was another of the recurring themes – more than half of the shortlisted concepts paired driving with flying or boating. Nine-year-old Ben went for all three on his ‘Lambogine’, a much more practical take on the Lamborghini brand.

6.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Lamborgine)

With the shell of an SUV, there’s much more room and ease of access for passengers, while the Sky and Boat modes allow them to go virtually anywhere. The loud colour schemes, spoilers and flame-spitting exhausts are a clear nod to the outlandish Italian manufacturer it’s based on.

The majority of designs are bold but underpinned by environmental awareness

Mackenzie’s Venom Supercar is another that’s capable of adapting to its surroundings, transforming from a road-going motor to a boat at the flick of a switch.

5.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Venom Car)

5.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Venom Car)2

Drivers and passengers are treated to massage chairs, voice-activated systems and even a vending machine, but its standout feature is the litter-picking device on the underside of the car – another indicator of our developing eco-awareness rubbing off on today’s youngsters.

Kids want cars that can be lived in

Others were more outside the box in their thinking, coming up with designs that combined driving with not only other modes of transport but also home and living. Bobby’s concept has more in common with a spaceship than it does a SpaceTourer, but the way it’s kitted out suggests cars of the future could also become homes.

4.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Hotdog Flyer)

4.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Hotdog Flyer)2

With a PlayStation 4, fridge and sweets machine, it’s not the sort of vehicle that’d be used for just the odd trip to the shops. The on-board electronics are also powered by solar panels on the roof, while the engine takes only hamburgers and hot dogs.

See the other shortlisted designs, including their original sketches, below.

Annabelle, aged nine

3.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Hover Horsebox)

3.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Hover Horsebox)2

This pickup truck-inspired motor is another with a dedicated pet space, through the horse box it tows. The wheels have also been replaced with hoverboards for more versatile travel.

Gabriel, aged six

7.Select Car Leasing - Children's Car Drawings (Bus)

Although it sits on six wheels, the creation resembles more of a motorhome, with a lounge, TV aerial and restroom for ultimate comfort on the move.

It seems the UK’s youngest are more switched on than they’re given credit for, when it comes to leading change.

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