Ford reveals new special edition Ford Fiesta ‘ST Edition’
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Ford reveals new special edition Ford Fiesta ‘ST Edition’


  • Ford reveals new special edition Ford Fiesta ‘ST Edition’.
  • Limited to just 300 models in the UK.
  • Features unique paint job, blinged-up interior, adjustable coilover suspension and limited-slip diff - which you don’t get on the standard ST.
  • Fiesta ST Edition is priced at £27,075.

Ford has unveiled a new moody blue special edition version of the acclaimed Fiesta ST.

And if you want one you’d better get off your bottom sharpish - because the ST Edition will be limited to just 300 built to order for UK customers.

Your common or garden ST is priced from £22,275 and features 17 inch alloys, a 1.5 litre EcoBoost engine with 200 PS on tap - and absolutely buckets of fun.

The new ST Edition, though, will cost £27,075 - a cool five grand more than the normal ST.

So what precisely are you getting for your money?

First thing to note is that the engine remains the same - you still get the turbocharged 1.5 litre which will take you from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds and carry on revving to a top speed of 143mph.

But you do now get special ‘flow formed’ 18 inch alloys, saving you weight, as well as two-way adjustable coilover suspension.

Before you start fiddling with it, ride height is lowered 15mm at the front, 10mm at the rear.

And there are twelve ‘bump’ settings – the degree of upward damper movement allowed as the wheel contacts a bump in the road - and 16 rebound settings – the speed at which the damper returns to position after an upward movement, put the driver in control of cornering responses.

Petrolheads will also be delighted to learn that the ST Edition comes with a ‘Quaife’ limited-slip differential (LSD), more commonly featured in the larger Ford Focus ST.

A Ford boffin explains how the LSD, ‘further optimises front-end traction and enhances cornering ability, delivering maximum grip on the exit of corners and working alongside Ford’s enhanced Torque Vectoring Control technology to improve road-holding and reduce understeer. The system applies braking force to the inside front wheel when cornering to deliver optimal grip on dry surfaces and smoothness on wet surfaces.’

The ST Edition also gets better stopping power, thanks to a high performance braking system with 278mm vented front and 253mm solid rear discs.

There’s another big selling point for the ST Edition - its colour.

The ‘Azura Blue’ exterior finish is completely unique, as is the High Gloss Black detailing for elements including the rear diffuser, roof spoiler and – for the first time – the ST badges.

There’s also carbon fibre-effect trim in the interior, alongside blue stitching on the seats and a Ford Performance steering wheel providing direct access to ‘Sport Drive Mode’ with a dedicated button, allowing you to sharpen up the throttle response and steering while making it sound a lot shoutier, too.

What’s more, the front grille is actually lower than it is on the standard ST, while the turbocharger and air charge cooler are finished in matte black, 'further denoting the model’s special edition status'.

Stefan Muenzinger, Ford Performance manager for Europe, says: “Our new Fiesta ST Edition squeezes even more excitement out of the best-handling compact hot-hatch on the road. The Edition model puts drivers firmly in control with the ability to manually adjust the feel of their car and fine-tune the handling to suit their personal preference.”

Finally, the swanky ST also gets Ford’s ‘SYNC 3’ infotainment system, which features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

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