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Ford Focus RS: Racy Hatchback Revealed

The all-new Ford Focus RS has been revealed in an exotic, mysterious nitrous blue – one of the four colours the vehicle will be available in -  and on first impressions it’s safe to say we’d love to get behind the wheel of what looks to be a thrilling vehicle.


Boasting a 2.3-litre EcoBoost turbo engine the RS offers a staggering 316bhp, 4WD and a whole host of other exciting features. The RS takes an eclectic angle on fast hatchback performance and while the price isn’t expected to be dear, it won’t be peanuts either. 0-62mph will be attainable in under five seconds, though at this time we’re scrabbling round for rumours as Ford are yet to announce any concrete details.


Much like the RS for Audi and the Golf R these vehicles are on a raised-platform and the RS badge alone should secure the Focus’ place in motoring immortality regardless of it’s reception from critics. We’ve no reason to think that though - the first RS was formed in 1968 and the badge has form for great cars with the Sierra Cosworth and Escort exceedingly popular vehicles.


The RS has four modes to choose from; Normal, Sport, Track, Drift. Bar drift, all of which are fairly self-explanatory and the vehicles credentials has been tested on the biggest stage of all; the Nurburging circuit in Germany. The drift function means that 70% of the power is sent to the rear wheels; with the RS also set to showcase four wheel drive for the first time. This system, more than any other, has hade the greatest influence on the RS’ design and Ford are especially proud of it.

A closer look under the bonnet reveals an engine primed to be capable of 6,800rpm and inside you’ll find a fluid six-speed manual gearbox that is set to make driving an RS a high-octane thrill-ride without having to work against troublesome and rigid gearboxes.  


Stylistically, it’s worth taking note of the ferocious front and rear bumpers and the imposing 19-inch alloy wheels. We expect a raft of interior technology to grace the internal design of the RS, though it will probably be some time before this is affirmed.


The vehicle won’t be available in just the UK with models also going on sale in China and North America. We wait with bated breath for the vehicle’s, hopefully imminent, release date when we can see what this extravagant design is really packing. Watch this space.

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