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BloodHound SSC: A closer look at the fastest car in the world

The aptly named Bloodhound SSC is pitching to become the vehicle that breaks the land-speed record with touted speeds upwards of 1,000mph. The British built vehicle is waiting in the wings for it’s big-date in the desert where it hopes to smash the previous record set by the Thrust SSC in 1997. The Thrust became the first vehicle to break the sound-barrier with a staggeringly pacy 763mph and the Bloodhound is attempting to go one-better.

Not only is the vehicle attempting to break 1,000mph, as if that wasn't enough, it will also have to be completely bulletproof. This is due to the risk of projectiles impacting the vehicle. A huge lorry-like rock or even a small stone could cause issues at such break-neck speeds, therefore the Bloodhound SSC will require one of the most reinforced exteriors ever designed.

In order to test this the vehicle’s long and cumbersone panels have been subjected to volleys of fire in order to prepare itself for any troublesome objects – although at this speed any kind of object can be extremely problematic. The bulletproof exterior will, hopefully, reduce this risk.

The cockpit is truly staggering with a 3D printed steering wheel fitted specially to the drivers fingers and a rolex speed-ometer which has the frightening ability to measure speeds of upto 1,100mph. The man behind the wheel is former RAF fighter pilot Andy Green; who by no coincidence set the last record. Green will be the first to tell you that driving the Bloodhound will be an entirely different kettle-of-fish as quite frankly nobody knows quite yet what it’ll be like to drive the Bloodhound SSC. However, if there's one man who could do it - it would be Green.

The vehicle was constructed in Bristol and while the carbon-fibre weave construction is unlike anything you've ever seen, there are also more basic elements such as the fact the rockets are made from a simple hand-power drill of the sort you’d find at your local Wickes.

The Bloodhound SSC will undergo testing this summer with it's final run expected later in the year.

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Tuesday, 10/05/2022