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The best new lease cars for Empty Nesters

As family life moves into its next stage and the kids move out and fledge into the world, you may well find yourself considering a new car that better reflects and even celebrates your new lifestyle and free(-er) status.

Take advantage of your Empty Nester status!

Perhaps you’ve got new-found cash to spend on something flash or, conversely, you may be finding resources strained because of having to pay University support or are approaching retirement.

Either way, the leasing world really is your oyster, from cars with amazing towing capacity for that big road trip, to cars with ‘zing’ aimed at a single or couples' lifestyle (get in quick though before the grandchildren arrive!) to fuel-saving hybrids and electrics if you need to cut down outgoings.

Stylish options that won’t break the bank

When economy and budget are front of mind, with leasing you don’t have to sacrifice style or performance. Economical options such as the BMW 3 Series, VW Golf or Skoda Octavia will allow you to keep costs down, and not just on your lease, but on your running costs too.

High performance fun

If you’re itching to throw off the shackles that family life imposes on car choice and go for your heart’s desire, we’ve an extensive range of brand new higher performance cars.


The BMW 1 Series, VW Golf and Audi’s A3 for example, are three fun, sporty hot hatchbacks that give you a very affordable option, whilst at the same time offering strong performance and striking design (but without the unnecessary showy-styling that might have the neighbours hinting at a dreaded ‘mid-life crisis’!).

Key things to consider if you’re an empty nester:

·    Are you really an empty nester or just a part-time one?... if your nest is only empty some of the time (i.e. during Uni term time) and your kids still need you to ferry them and their gear around in holidays, then unless you’re thinking of having two cars you might find your plans for that two seater foiled, at least for now. The answer here is a compromise somewhere in the middle, such as a sporty SUV that meets the desire for something new and snazzy but can still do the job for your kids when it needs to

·    How soon are grandchildren likely to appear?... if there’s a decent chance of babies and toddlers appearing soon, and there’s a chance you’ll be driving them at least some of the time (along with all their equipment!), then, again, this is worth considering. Again, something like an SUV might be the solution to meeting every one’s needs

·   Do you have parents to consider?... if so, are there ergonomic features that would make transporting them around easier for all concerned, especially if they have physical difficulties restricting agility and movement (look for more generously sized back seats and consider if you need wide opening or sliding doors)

·   Why not try something completely new...if you’ve always been a petrol preferrer, why not consider a hybrid or a green vehicle, especially if you’re looking to save on running costs going forward



Alongside our suggestions above, see below for our expert car selection team's recommendations for some great new cars for Empty Nesters in 2018!  

Select's top 10 lease cars for Empty Nesters in 2018:

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