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What are the best-selling cars of 2016?

2016 has already been a very profitable year for the automotive industry with growth in sales continuing month on month. With the figures released from new registration sales in March and the early part of April its perhaps no surprise that the number of cars shifted has increased significantly. Lets take a look at which vehicles are leading the line at the midway point of the year:




A car with worldwide acclaim and last years 'World Car of the Year' the Mercedes C Class was one of the best selling luxury saloons in 2015 and that looks like it won't be changing any time soon with the prestigous vehicle already knocking up over 14,000 sales putting it comfortably in the top 10.


A strong SUV that was only released a few years ago the Mokka has enjoyed a productive 2016 with solid early year sales that have been built on over the spring. The Mokka offers a wide range of engine types and a huge range of standard equipment which are undoubtedly some of the biggest reasons for its success.

8 - AUDI A3


The A3's high amount of affordability has made it a strong success in the market. It has enjoyed a new lease of life with a number of fresh bodytype updates and has a solid range of engines which offer a good amount of both economy and performance. The A3, tipped to brush shoulders with the established A-Class and 1 Series is currently leading its rivals significantly.



Its not a suprise to see the Astra in the top 10, it has remained consistent due to its intense affordability, good economy rate and strong reliability. With the prices that are available to drivers the Astra is likely to continue its ascent and with only half the year done it wouldn't be a surprise to see one of the UKs favourite vehicles break into the top five.



The Polo has been on the scene for many years and even plenty in its current guise. One of the most recognisable vehicles on UK roads, the smart hatchback combines affordability with a number of other top-class features that have made it a firm favourite among customers on these shores and indeed across the world


Topping around 23,000 sales so far the Qashqai is once again enjoying a very good year. The Qashqai started something of a revolution with its design which has inspired many other manufacturers to get it on the act of Crossover SUV - none of which have yet been successful. The 2014 WhatCar? Car of the Year is set ot surely sweep up an even greater amount of awards.



The Golf is another car that has proved unbelievably popular in the UK and shows no signs of relenting with the latest models and introduction of sportier trims; such as the Golf R and electric Golf E helping to the scores of vehicles being shifted by Volkswagen.


It has been a while since the top three in the UK have been changed and once again the Ford Focus sits happily in third place - though only 1,000 registrations ahead of the Golf - the Focus is another greatly affordable vehicle that has a strong brand name which it has established from many years of being the most reliable and economical hatch on the market.


Climbing is the ever popular Vauxhall Corsa which has been a mainstay of the top five, if not top two, clocking up 28,639 registrations since just January the Corsa remains an incredibly affordable option for many people and with steady improvements being made there isn't any suggestion its sensational sales figures will be stopping any time soon.



The Fiesta has topped the best-selling cars list for at least four years and you will be hard pressed to find a vehicle that will be able to defeat it this year. Its already brought in over 44,000 registrations and we have only just reached May. The Fiesta's subtle upgrades over the years have only improved what was already a quality vehicle and with its current sleek styling it is a great choice for many different motorists' needs. For the money required to get behind the wheel of a Fiesta there is no knocking the build quality, economy and all-round interior comfort. A worthy leader.



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