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Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Concept Revealed

Volkswagen have revealed a brand-new off-road hybrid Tiguan at the latest NAIAS 2016 in Detroit. The Tiguan has proved to be one of Volkswagen's most popular models in recent years so its perhaps unsurprising that the German manufacturer have taken the decision to bring out a fresh, updated and finely tuned version of the highly successful car.

The Detroit Motor Show usually turns up a few new surprises, but the Tiguan was one of the most intriguing seen for many a year. While the vehicle remains at concept stage thats by no means where it will stay with many expecting Volkswagen to produce the GTE, or atleast a vehicle very similar within the next year.

In addition to a tough and bolshy exterior design the GTE Active Concept will also demonstrate some fine interior technology including the next-gen infotainment system which features a 9.2-inch touchscreen and a number of high-tech feature such as gesture control ability. For many at the motor show it was the first time the system had been seen in use and its expected to become a big part of many future Volkswagen models.


Taking a look at the engines on offer and the Tiguan GTE's ability to really become a market hit is immedeatly apparent. As a plug-in hybrid it employs a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine with 222bhp output and two electric motors. This means it will be able to push from 0-62mph in just 6.4 seconds with a top-speed capped at about 120mph (70mph on electric power) Some truly exceptional stats there. It's super eco-friendly credentials are also highlighted by the fact the vehicle has a potential 20 miles electric power range. 

The appearance of the Tiguan GTE is one that would certainly lend itself to off road performance with a set of off-road tyres as well as underbody protection and aluminium bumpers coated in matte to aid the vehicle as it tackles all the elements. This will be further helped by the appearance of the DSG Gearbox (Six-Speed) and a number of driving programs including; On-road, off-road, Sport, Snow, CHarge and Batter Hold topped off by the Green E-Mode. These will also be selectable by the centre console.

It's likely that if Volkswagen do put the GTE into production then we will see a host of other features added to it and at this stage many remain hopeful that Volkswagen will release what could be a highly successful and with it's strong economy, a very popular choice in the current market. Watch this space.

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