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Vauxhall reveal stunning GT Concept

Vauxhall have revealed perhaps one of the most stunning concept cars that the manufacturer has ever produced with a quite incredible 'GT Concept'. The vehicle will greet lucky arrivals at the Geneva Motor Show in March and it will certainly be one of the more memorable concepts on offer at the show. Vauxhall are keeping details on the GT Concept very conceited but its not unfair to say that if the concept proves to be a large hit we could well see it, or a version of it, in showrooms up and down the country relatively soon.

The GT Concept also previews some fairly cool technology that Vauxhall could be implementing in future models. The doors have been redesigned meaning there is more space in the interior than would be expected, they are operated via an electric touchpad that is part of the roof. Vauxhall includes a futuristic idea for the wing mirrors, which have been taken away altogether and instead are replaced by two cameras behind the wheels which directly feed through to a monitor inside. Unsurprisingly, there isn't a lot to report for the interior at this moment with a few regular buttons spaced out neatly.

The car looks to have taken design cues from the Vauxhall XVR and Opel GT and there is a host of amazing tech and features which Vauxhall claim the concept would offer. A two-door, rear-wheel-drive sports car the vehicle has certainly caught the eye in the industry. Boasting LED Headlights that offer the slightly mystical sounding "ultra-modern projection technology" as well as "glare-free high-beam driving", the GT Concept offers a long bonnet which contributes to its sleek and sharp appearance.

What does the GT Concept offer in engine power? Vauxhall have stated that under the bonnet there lies a 1.0-litre, turbo, three-cylinder that could deliver 205Nm of torque and produce a staggering 143bhp. When you consider the size of the vehicle and the fact it weighs less than 1,000kg then those figures look increasingly impressive. The GT Concept has a top-speed of 134mph and can go from 0-62mph in less than eight seconds.

While those hoping the GT Concept may be ushered into production by Vauxhall that could well prove to be a pipe-dream with Vauxhall hinting it could form the basis for updates on their current range. That said, the GT Concept will definitely be attracting a crowd in Geneva due to it's outstanding design. We're certainly looking forward to learning more about it.

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