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New Bentley Continental GT Mulliner W12 is fastest yet

Roll out the red carpet for the new Bentley Continental GT Mulliner W12 - the ‘swiftest, most dynamic and most luxurious’ Continental GT ever to grace the road.

The Continental GT has been a colossal smash hit for Bentley since it was first launched back in 2003.

It’s a car credited with carving-out a brand new niche all of its own, being a super-luxurious yet also super-sporty grand tourer, allowing you to plough through continents while barely batting an eyelid.

There’s a slew of Continental GTs available, from the base ‘GT’ through to the exhilarating GT Speed, the most powerful car Bentley has ever built, with 650 bhp and a top speed of 208 mph.

But now there’s a new top dog in town - the Continental GT Mulliner W12 - which ousts the GT Speed at the top of the range and which isn’t to be confused with the flagship Flying Spur Mulliner, which dials up the swank and bling to even more extreme levels.

Powering the Continental GT Mulliner is an uprated version of the 6.0 litre W12 engine you’ll find in the GT Speed, and which has enough oomph to catapult the Bentley from 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds. There’s an extra 24 bhp of power over the GT Speed while torque remains the same at 900 Nm. .

You can enjoy unique 22 inch alloys with self-levelling centre badges, so that the Bentley ‘B’ remains vertical at all times.

Step inside the cabin and you’ll find levels of luxury not seen since the most opulent Great Gatsby shindig.

A Bentley spokesperson explains: 

“A unique colour split is exclusive to the car, with a new combination of primary and secondary hide joined by a third colour through a flowing design line. Eight different three-colour combinations are proposed by Mulliner, using Bentley’s palette of hides and threads to create striking yet elegant contrast throughout the cabin. A choice of 88 Piano wood veneers encourage further personalisation. “Diamond in Diamond” quilting to the seats, door trims and rear quarter panels is made up of almost 400,000 stitches with each diamond containing exactly 712 individual stitches. Naturally these are available in a spectrum of coloured threads, too.”


Those a host of exterior design flourishes that mark the GT Mulliner out as something special, too. They include a new front grille, Mulliner ‘Welcome’ lamps beneath the mirrors, and illuminated outer door sills with Mulliner text.

The Continental GT Mulliner, is a big, heavy car, but keeping things in shape is Bentley’s ‘Dynamic Ride’ system - which employs electric motors to control body roll - as well as three-chamber active air suspension with adaptive damping.

An Electronic Limited Slip Differential and carbon fibre brakes are optional extras.

A Bentley spokesperson adds: 

“The Continental GT Mulliner W12 truly is the ultimate combination of craftsmanship and performance. Available as both a coupe and a convertible, the car is the pinnacle definition of everything Bentley knows about making the best grand tourers in the world.”

And the price? Expect to pay north of £200,000 if purchasing outright - at time of posting. 

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