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2017 VW Polo & Citroen C3 announced


Citroen announced this week that the highly popular C3 would be enjoying a fresh-new design. While the C3 won't act as a direct rival to the Polo they are both gunning for similar markets and VW may well be keeping a close eye on how Citroen develop one of their most popular models over the next few months.

Starting with the technology and its worth mentioning the ConnectedCam which debuts on the C3. Mounted in the rear-view mirror, its fully GPS enabled and has been included to record any traffic accidents and will also provide drivers the option to take photos of their view and display this on Social Media. Not the first time a system like this has been in a vehicle, but a definite signal of the focus on technology that the C3 has been built upon.

Its clear that the vehicle has undergone a number of exterior upgrades including new daytime running lights that fit in with the manufacturer badge, a bold set of headlights and LED technology on the tail-lights. The vehicle certainly bears a closer resemblance to the C4 Cactus than some of its previous iterations and that could be an encouraging factor for Citroen who have seen the Cactus enjoy growing success in the UK

The interior features a 7-inch touch screen mounted on the centre of a relatively uncluttered dashboard. Much like the Polo, the C3 has also gone the way of a number of other vehicles and introduced better smartphone connectivity such as support for Apple Car Play and MirrorLink. There will be a wide variety of trims available and plenty of colours for customers to choose from, meaning the C3 will cater for a host of personal preferences with the option to spec out the interior as much or little as you want. There is also a 300-litre boot which should provide enough in the way of storage for most drivers.


The full engine range is awaiting release but already we know that there will be two 1.6-litre diesels outputing 74bhp and 99bhp and 1.2-litre three cylinder PureTech Engines offering 67 bhp, 81bhp and at the top of the scale 109bhp. There is also likely to be a number of options that customers can add to their cars but initial reports suggest that stop-start technology will be standard across the board.


Volkswagen have announced two updates to their model range for 2017 including the Volkswagen Polo and Touareg - two of the most popular vehicles in the range.  These updates are set to improve Volkswagen's already incredibly steely lineup of vehicles. 

There are few vehicles which have enjoyed the same popularity as the Polo in the UK. The new Polo features more in the technology department than plenty of previous editions and the interior is far less minimalist. The Polo will of course face stiff competition from vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta which continues to boast a fairly significant lead in the market and thats before it undergoes its own fresh design at the end of this year. 

The engine range hasn't been confirmed, but we know it will start with VW's classic 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine which produces around 75bhp. An upgrade on this looks to come in the form of the turbocharged 100bhp and 115bhp versions. For those looking towards the top end of the table, the new 1.5-litre engine is likely to be your best choice with power starting at 90bhp all the way upto 160bhp; there should be something for even the most power-hungry Polo drivers.

While details remain fairly sketchy at this time; the focus on economy and a cut down on CO2 emissions could mean that a five-speed gearbox is fitted. However, the famous six-speed manual gearbox is also a strong bet to feature as standard.

The interior of the Polo has often been a sticking-point for many customers over the years. While the internal configuration of VW's prime small hatch couldn't be criticised, it failed to match the quality of cars such as the C3 & Ford Fiesta which provided interiors that felt of higher quality than their price suggested. That looks to be something that VW have addressed in the latest Polo with a few high-tech additions such as better smartphone connectivity, benefiting both Apple & Android users. It doesn't stop there though - a new colour infotainment screen will be available in all models, with a touchscreen touted as around 9.5inches in size. Early signs suggest the new interior focus for the latest Polo certainly gives it an extra edge in an increasingly competitive market.

More details are expected to be revealed on the new Polo as we approach release date and we'll cover all the latest news here so be sure to keep checking back.

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