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Volvo XC60 PHEV Review


Volvo XC90 is enormous, and just too big for many to consider, while the XC40 is a more urban-friendly compact SUV. The XC60 strikes a near-perfect balance somewhere in the middle, offering something for everybody - as long as they’ve got the monthly payments available.

It’s not cheap, but the Swedish style, SUV practicality and range that covers everything from tax-efficient plug-in hybrid, past luxurious limo and onto scorching performance models, means you can always make a case for considering the Volvo.

Look hard enough and you’ll see it falls slightly short of its rivals in many areas - but only just. Is it close enough where it counts?

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At a Glance

Volvo’s XC60 has something of a split personality, with sensible plug-in hybrid options alongside Polestar-engineered performance models. Underneath it all, it’s a chunky SUV that will carry your family, the dog and a chunk of furniture around the countryside without a problem.

It matches that with a sensible range of power options, from traditional diesel and petrol to impressive plug-in hybrid options. Then it mixes things up by adding a sporting Polestar variant with 405hp and lowered sports suspension.

Volvo XC60 T8 PHEV 2021

Trying to appeal to everybody can leave a brand without a clear identity, but Volvo has such a distinctively Swedish style to it these days that there’s no way you could fail to recognise the car. It’s the understated, professional way it conducts the business of being a car that makes the XC60 stand out. Quiet confidence rather than brash arrogance.

Volvo is all about safety, but now it's added sustainability to the mix. Gone are the large engines, the soulful six-cylinder options and even the monstrous V8 cars. Now all you get is a 2.0-litre petrol or diesel option (and the latter is going before too long) or something with electric power.

There's more to it than just engines, though. The interior can be clad in recovered driftwood and sustainable wool trim, while the company is also looking at tackling its carbon emissions at the manufacturing stage and in the supply chain.

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